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Here's a comparison between Jada's Fast and Furious 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona diecast and Hot Wheels version from Furious 6.  While most of Jada cars are slightly larger, around 1:55 and Hot Wheels are more closer to 1/64, I still decided to show you the slight difference as a guide.  Remember to visit the main reviews section for more.  All of my reviews unless otherwise stated are products that are purchased directly by me from a retail establishment either in-person or online thus they are unbiased for the most part.

Jada versus Hot Wheels Fast and Furious 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

You may be thinking how much size difference is there between the 1:55 Series of Jada's Fast and Furious vehicles compared to other versions such as what is put out by Mattel under the Hot Wheels banner.  For this review comparison, I take a look at the Furious 6 Custom 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona.  You'll find some side-by-side photos and details about each car.  The Jada is not that much larger, about 1/8th inches in width and length.

Update - January 2017:  Mattel has released a new line of Fast & Furious vehicles which are 1/55 scale and close in size to Jada's Fast and Furious Build N Collect series.  This review was done with the Hot Wheels series 1/64 Fast and Furious 1969 Custom Dodge Charger Daytona.  I do have a 1/55 Mattel guide which details most of what they released.

Update - September 2019:  Jada has out their Hollywood Nano Series line of Fast & Furious vehicles close in size to N-scale, definitely smaller than model train HO 1/87th scale.  Would be nice to get a photo to show all sizes from the Nano aka N-scale - 1.75 inches long to Hot Wheels 1/64th and then Jada / Mattel's slightly larger 1/55.

In the past, I mostly recall Jada Toys for their custom cars and trucks in 1/24 scale.  They had produced various vehicles over the years in various sizes but their smallest always were larger than your average Hot Wheels or Matchbox car which averages around 1/64.  Jada themselves calls their Fast and Furious line 1:55 scale for Series 1 and Series 2.  I won't go into much detail here but if you collect all six from each series you can build Brian's Supra from Furious 6 and his Supra from The Fast and Furious respectively.

Hot Wheels are about 1:64 scale and they have produced some Fast and Furious cars in their regular main $1.00 line-up and some special series for stores such as Walmart with different packaging.  You'll also find some collectible cars they did such as the Fast and Furious 1970 Dodge Charger with Blower (Supercharger) and added real rubber tires/metal wheels.  They are fairly faithful replicas with the price point they have to work with.

HW Furious 6 Charger and Jada version

Street Price:  $5.00 for Jada, $1.00 for Hot Wheels ($2.00 secondary market)

Jada Toys Fast and Furious Build N Collect Series 2

Pros:  Nicer wheels, Closer Matching Paint
  Lack of paint detail on wing, plastic rear wing

Hot Wheels Mainline and Fast and Furious Exclusive Series

Pros:  Solid construction with metal wing, painted front headlights and black detail on rear wing
Cons:  Missing details due to Hot Wheels casting such as wheels, rear chrome panel

Overall, I would say go for what price point you collect at.  For example, if you prefer to collect $1 cars then shoot for getting the Hot Wheels version but if you want something better but slightly larger then get the $5 or so Jada Toys version.

I would like Jada to have gone with a metal rear wing to avoid the plastic droop that happens with the molding process.  I had gently pushed the wing up without stressing it too much but there is still a slight bend to it which is unavoidable.  I'm sure some are straighter than others.  The Hot Wheels is better with a metal wing.  Hot Wheels had designed a custom 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona which while closely matches the movie car is still not an exact but a very close representation.  The paint is close but should be a darker red with a glossy shine.  Jada is closer in color but they have gone with a more candy metallic rather than a dark glossy red candy gloss that the movie car is painted in.  I know it is hard to get an exact match with these price points so overall I like both even with their positives and negatives.

They both make great cars for anyone's collection who is into Fast and Furious vehicles.  The Hot Wheels one is good to have for yourself and to give to a kid to play with while the Jada one is more of a collectible version because the wing is more fragile on it.  Remember that Jada's series of Fast and Furious cars are slightly larger when collecting and displaying them with Hot Wheels versions.

I hope you enjoyed my review and look forward to cover more  in the future.  Feel free to email me your comments/questions on this review.

side by side Custom Charger Daytonas

Hot Wheels in the foreground, Jada in the background

angle view of Furious 6 Hot Wheels and Jada Daytonas

Jada is sized around 1:55 scale and the Hot Wheels about 1/64.

Rear View of Furious 6 Charger Daytona Diecast Cars

You can see the effort that Jada put into their diecast such as matching the rear to the movie car compared to the Hot Wheels version.

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