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These are my extra items for sale or trade which include 1/64 diecast such as Johnny Lightning, Hot Wheels including Treasure Hunts and various scale pre-built model cars in 1/24 1/18, etc. plus, model car kits, used DVD movies and other misc. items.  This section is here to help my collecting budget so I can buy more or trade.  You can also view my want list for specific items I am looking for.  Browse through the section and contact me by email if you see anything that interests you.  Please include your name and zip code, I'll get back to you with availability and a total price including a shipping estimate.  This section was last updated on:  Saturday August 01, 2020

Ordering Guidelines and Terms:

Please contact me if you are interested in any of the items listed for sale. I will respond with a confirmation email stating availability.  Reserved items will be held for a period of two weeks unless other arrangements are made. Prices do not include shipping costs which will be given after your initial inquiry.  For reference, typical USPS charges range from $6 to $14 depending on the size and weight of the box and distance.  Payment is either via Paypal or by USPS Postal Money Order.  Note that I only ship within the USA and do not ship Internationally.  Each package will be shipped USPS Priority Mail with Tracking and Insurance unless other plans are made.  Items are shipped from Pennsylvania.  They come from a smoke-free, pet-free climate controlled storage environment.

Die-Cast For Sale or Trade including Model Cars, R/C and Slot Cars:

These here are duplicates I get in trades and other deals here so you can add them to your own collection.  This will include some extra slot cars I have, model car kits and other items so keep checking back for updates.  You'll find not just Hot Wheels here but cars from Greenlight, Maisto, Radio Shack and other companies.  The scales range from 1/64 to 1/16  You might even find a few radio control cars and model kits.

Need to go through and weed out my personal inventory and excess items but need some time as I have to pace myself with my health.

Sorry not much Fast and Furious items but will try to post a few other items up here mostly diecast assortments and some toy grade r/c cars, etc.  Thanks Listings

There are also many items I have listed on The Toy Peddler which is not affiliated with this website.  You may follow the link below to see what I have up for sale on there.  Registration is required to purchase an item but it is free.  Both of us get $5 in listing credits if you put in my user ID fullyloaded on the referred by line if you do decide to register there.

To view my other items for sale on the previously mentioned website:  search there under my TTP ID fullyloaded

Contact me if you need help to register to buy any of my items listed on The Toy Peddler website.


Please note that even though they are new on the blister card or boxed, some packaging may have shelf wear but the item itself is mint unless otherwise stated.  Boxes may have shelf wear on their edges but most items are like new and not damaged.  If this is a concern about the packaging, let me know and I'll give you more detailed specifics if you want something with a completely mint box, blister card or package.

Previewed DVD Movies For Sale or Trade:

SOLD! - All 21 DVDs - More Soon

Previewed DVDs are $1.99 each unless noted plus USPS shipping within the US.

These are Region 1 USA / Canada purchased brand new from a retail store or pre-viewed. As of this update for 2019, all the titles listed are retail DVDs viewed once with all extra features enabled if they were included.  Each DVD include artwork and a standard retail case plus inserts if available.

NOTE:  Any title listed with a PV (ex-Rental) after the name notes that they were rental DVDs which later were offered for sale with the movie only.  They usually don't include special features such as deleted scenes.

Wanted Items such as Hot Wheels / DVD Movies / Die-Cast Model Cars / Radio Control:

If you have anything listed in this part, I am willing to do a trade with what I have posted here for sale.  Mainly I am looking for most any 1930s to 2010s Muscle Cars, Street Cars, Hot Rods, etc. at reasonable prices in 1/64 and other scales.  Sometimes I'll take them loose in good shape so I can get them at an affordable price.  While I wish to stick with 1/64 scale diecast stuff, I do pick up some 1/24 now and then so let me know what you got.  I might even go for that odd 1/50 - 1/55 scale and have ventured back into slot cars a bit so if you got some reasonable priced HO slot cars I may consider them as well.  Some specific vehicle wants are listed below:

  • Misc. Catalogs for Diecast Cars such as Maisto, Majorette, Bburago, Revell, etc. - good condition, slightly used as long as good for reference / reading / photo material
  • Assorted Off -Brand 1/64 Cars from the 1980s to 1990s such as Road Champs, Majorette, etc.  looking for street cars, muscle cars, trucks, etc. - loose is fine
  • Polar Lights 1/25 2004-2005 Pontiac GTO prepainted snap kit - color doesn't matter, looking to get one to build so unbuilt preferred but opened box is acceptable
  • Testors / Lindberg / USAirfix 1/24 Snap 1979-80 Mustang kits - Opened / Unbuilt - looking to build these so prefer ones that are reasonably priced
  • Older Issue Diecast Prepainted Model Kits - 1/24 1/25 scale unbuilt preferred - nothing rare as looking for ones to build - some older Maisto or MotorMax

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