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The Diecast 1/64 Hot Wheels and Other Small Scale News and Notes Archive

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December 2015 - New Stock for the Holidays but Nothing Spectacular

Check your big box stores like Target and Walmart for new 2016 and the last of the 2015 Mainline Hot Wheels.  Target has some special snowflake cards.  Walmart is overstocked on the Star Wars regular $1 issue cars but still grab a few if you like them.  The 1/55 Fast and Furious series hasn't showed up at the local Walmart.  I don't have any other local stores such as Toys-R-Us or Target to give a report if they're on the shelves.  Check my links section, maybe a place there might have them available if you're looking for the set.  Nothing else to report that's interesting.  Would have been nice to see a restock of the Walmart Holiday Hot Wheels.  Boscov's has about the same as before, still look in there as sometimes they might have special Hot Wheels and Matchbox.  You never know.  Support your local and online diecast retailers especially the little guys because they help to keep the hobby going.  One last thing is that Walmart redid their dump bin into a round bin with some neat side art of their cars.  I wish Hot Wheels aka Mattel would release those to the public like us to buy.  M2 Machines, Auto World and Greenlight has some recolors out and one or two new cars.  No big wow to report at this time.

Update:  The local Walmart got in an extra Hot Wheels cardboard dump bin, the three section one.  While you are in there, check for one of those because I noticed some older 2015 Hot Wheels but they finally got in the end of the line 2015 issues and newer 2016s.  Some new 5-gift packs are out for Matchbox with some pretty neat ones.  The 3-car Hot Wheels packs at the register aisles have some regular mainline 2016 cars in them.

Supply and Demand for Fall with More Coming Soon - November 2015

Some 2016 series mainline Hot Wheels are showing up at places such as Walmart but people are gobbling them up.  Be patient though as there will be more especially near the end of the year for the holidays.  Check out Dollar General for some older stock Hot Wheels from 2015 and new issue Matchbox for 2015.  There's a new color 1968 Ford Mustang Hardtop in black, a Dodge A100 in Firestone livery and even an off-road Lamborghini LM002.  The 2016 packaging for Hot Wheels has been updated.  I'll post a photo soon.  Nothing else to report at the moment.  Nothing really exciting from M2 or Greenlight.  AutoWorld has some new tools for 1/64 in the works such as a 1963 Dodge Polara drag car and a 1964 Barracuda plus rumor is they are going to revive the Johnny Lightning and Racing Champions Mint names for more variety.  I'm not sure what they're planning to release but they might be slow sellers depending on what the price range is for them..  Kmart has some special Hot Wheels colors out so check them as the last K-Day Hot Wheels event for 2015 is November 7, 2015 but all stores should have the colors in stock after the event.  No special Red Lines or Heritage series have showed up locally which is a disappointment from Hot Wheels.  Hopefully they'll get in Walmart soon.

James Bond 007 Series, Fast and Furious 1/55 Coming Soon - October 2015

Take a look in your local Walmarts for the limited edition 007 Hot Wheels.  There are five cars in this set, the previously released Aston Martin DB5, a newer Aston Martin from the Mainline series, the Lotus Esprit and for the final two a 1964 Lincoln Hardtop in black and a 1971 Mustang in red.  I'm not going to label any of them rare but it seems that most of the Mustangs were picked out at my local store.  Be sure to check your Dollar Tree stores as I noticed some older 2015 issue Hot Wheels there and was able to score one or two cars that were hard to find elsewhere.  The Family Dollar stores are getting in the 5-car Gift Packs but they aren't selling any loose cars.  You can find some loose mainlines in Dollar General though.  I'm not promoting any store over the other but would like to give all collectors a chance to find cars other than having to pay big dollars for them from people that scoop them up.  Some Jada Toys small scale news as they noted that soon for November their 1/55 line-up of Fast and Furious cars will be released.  A special note is that each package will have a piece to build Brian's Supra from Furious 7.  So be prepared to buy two, one to keep and one to build that extra car if you're into having to have them all.  I guess you could also buy one set and still have all the parts just not completed.

I spotted some Retro Entertainment Hot Wheels around like the 1970 Dodge Charger from The Fast and The Furious, two versions of BTTF Delorean and the 1967 Camaro from Christine.  Because of the higher price on these series, they are harder to find and stores don't like to stock them often.  An update on the dump bins as collectors call them at Walmart, I found the large one not to be as deep as some in the past.  I think to have a spot under them to promote track sets and other Hot Wheels items.  The three bin set-up is deeper and have this hybrid locally.  Sometimes it is good to look on the rack because a few hidden gems might be lurking there.  You never know.  Good luck in your adventures!

P.S.  I wanted to add that the dollar stores such as Family Dollar and Dollar General are getting in the five vehicle gift packs by Hot Wheels so be on the lookout for them.

Another Surprise Place to Find Hot Wheels - September 2015

I was lucky enough to find another new round of Hot Wheels at Walmart in their updated dump bin and on the pegs.  I think this was cases M, N and P for the year 2015.  Some cool designs were in this series but I missed out on finding any 2015 Dodge Challengers as they were cleaned out.  I should note that while in a local convenience store to pick up some drinks to beat the heat and humidity, I found that they had a regular stand of Hot Wheels.  The cars were from Case E or so earlier this year but very surprised to see them in a Turkey Hill Minit Market.  So keep your eyes open as you'll never know where they'll pop up.  I should note that the card design for the mainlines series of Hot Wheels is being updated a bit for 2016 as I have noticed on other sites.  They have not popped up yet locally in the wild.  I have seen transition cards with the current series on a newer design card in the past so sometimes there are variations out there on card designs for the same car and year.  Some old stock is being put out at Walmart from M2 Machines, Auto World, etc. so check your local store to see what they have.  The last I seen were M2 Christmas Haulers.  Someone noted them as being from 2014.  Coming later in the fall is the James Bond 007 series from Hot Wheels so be ready for those cars.  Most of them have been released already like the Lotus Esprit and 1971 Mustang but they'll be on new 007 cards and lower prices.  Nothing else to report at this time. Just waiting for the Jada 1/55 scale Fast and Furious cars to hit the shelves.

The Walmart Dump Bins are Attacking! - August 2015

There is always the time when you don't have the willpower or resources to look through all the newer Hot Wheels or diecast at a store due to time constraints or other factors.  This was the case when I noticed not only one huge big bin of Hot Wheels but another three section one right next to it.  I was able to skim through some of it and got a few cars but not through the huge big dump bin pile.  Another collector was going through part of it but I don't think they found much for their troubles.  There are signs that someone have gone through the cars in my area such as finding them stacked back in nicely but then they'll get a mess again.  Some are not that neat in putting the Hot Wheels back so the cards don't get bend but I digress.  Well, August 2015 brings us a new batch of series M cases of 2015 Hot Wheels along with older E cases and some Zamacs from that time.  I was surprised to see an orange VW Caddy pickup.  Maybe these cases were hiding in the back and Walmart decided to put them out locally along with a new case or two.  I have no idea.  Be sure to check your dollar stores such as Dollar General as they are putting up some older 2015 issue mainlines to get your regular Moon Eyes Yellow Custom Dodge Van and others.  You never know what might pop up.  I haven't found any treasure hunts in the mix, though.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to sort through the huge dump bin of doom pictured here on this page.  I thought it was fitting to show you how huge of a pile there was of cars.  There was also pegs full of ones leftover from them rearranging the toy section.  So be patient and you might be able to find what you're looking for even in the middle or later part of the year.  Sometimes you might have to resort to other stores to find what you need but they can surprise you like this bunch.  There's all those earlier cars unless Mattel had some extra stock.

Faster, Larger and More Furious Than Ever

Greenlight finally has out their 1/18 Custom Dodge Daytona as announced last year replicating the car from the Fast and Furious 6 movie.  While I don't really cover the larger scale diecast as this section is mostly for 1/64, I wanted to let everyone know that checks out my site here that the car is out at your favorite retail and online store.  Most should have them available as I write this.  The car itself looks to be a good replica of the movie car.  I should let you know from checking out some details that while it is 1/18 scale, nothing opens on the car although the interior looks to be completely detailed out.  I didn't see any underneath chassis shots so I'm not sure how well they did the undercarriage.  The twin to this car is in stock orange with a black stripe without clear headlight covers but still a custom car similar to Dom's Custom Daytona.  The only way to go stock is to get an American Muscle 1/18 version of the 1969 Dodge Daytona if you like big scale diecast.

The next in line Jada Fast and Furious 1/16 R/C car is out:  Letty's Off Road Dodge Challenger so as soon as I can get my hands on one for a reasonable price, I'll be doing a review.  Be patient as some of them are trying to gouge you for them on certain sites but the average price is about $25 for one.  Some other announcements is a line of 1/55 or so scale diecast from Jada for the Fast and Furious franchise which will be cool to have as they might be all new molds.  Possibly a late 2015 release or earlier.  As a sidenote, some more new Greenlight and M2 Machines 1/64 are flowing into stores and online shops so be on the lookout.  Nothing special to note as most are repaints but check them out.  More Hot Wheels will be coming out soon but nothing spotted locally yet such as the new Heritage series.  So while out be sure to check your favorite spots to see what Hot Wheels and other 1/64 diecast are lurking including Maisto.

Sizzlin' Hot Wheels Summer Releases Are Here

Walmart has some special Hot Wheels cars that are exclusive to them such as the Avengers sets and the Porsche series.  Both of them are economical as they are under $1 each.  There are eight of them in each series.  Be sure to get them before they are gone.  There are also some new mainlines showing up around there from the Hot Wheels 2015 releases.  This includes the Zamac series there along with others.  Most of the desirables are eaten up quickly but I was able to get a good bunch for my own collection.  Some of them I am missing but I am sure I can get them later once some restocks are done.  Greenlight and M2 Machines are putting out some new repaints and other releases.  A much anticipated release is the 1/64 1969 Ford Pickup by M2 Machines and Greenlight is doing a 1979-or so 1/43 version but the year may change.  Ford truck fans can rejoice!  Some other notable ones is a motorhome under the Greenlight Hollywood Banner in 1/64 scale.  So for June 2015, it looks like to have kick started more releases and hopefully it will keep going full steam ahead into July.  Keep watch in other stores as new products slowly come out including the second wave of Fast and Furious items from Jada with some hope for 1/64 releases by them since the original products for the movie series are getting harder to find.

New Old Stock M2 Machines from 2009+ and More!

There's some new old stock floating around at various online retailers and shops from M2 Machines and Greenlight.  From a confidential source, some distributors are cleaning out some old stock so be sure to grab some pieces while they are available.  Most of the places are selling them for reasonable prices so don't let that scare you away.  I was able to score some earlier release Greenlights and M2 Machines including a close fire red and white top 1958 Plymouth Belvedere which looks very close to the Custom '58 Fury in the movie Christine.  Some chases and green machines are in the bunch but those usually go for more money.  Just keep a lookout.  As a surprise, I noticed one of my blister carded M2 Machines had a mini-catalog inside the package so I opened up an extra one to do some scans of it.  You can find it in the Photo Gallery of the site.  The scan isn't that good but you can get an idea of what they had at the time.  In other news, some more Hot Wheels are flowing into the stores for the month of May 2015.  Be sure to check them out.  Some of them are repaints and a few new models.

New Finds at Walmart for April 2015 - Mystery Models

Found some new releases of Hot Wheels at Walmart.  These include the 2015 Fast and Furious Series of 8 cars.  I was able to get all of them except for the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T.  They were picked out of those.  They had various new mainline Hot Wheels but they were picked through of the good stuff but found some neat ones like the Super Volt which is a drag pro stock version of the Chevy Volt.  From a good source, Target has their store full of Furious 7 and Fast and Furious related merchandise.  If you don't have a Target nearby, check online because other sources are getting in the same product.  No other major 1/64 diecast finds except for a small Matchbox restock at Walmart.  One last thing is that new packs of Hot Wheels Mystery Models have showed up with a Gold Cartooned 1963 Corvette on the packs and this looks to be a special find.  I'm not sure how special but it is marked different on the back and all of them were gone when I found some.  So be on the lookout for some new mainline Hot Wheels, the new 2015 Fast and Furious set of cars along with the Mystery Models.

Delays and Upcoming Releases - Wait is On!

Expect some delays as you have noticed in our hobby world for model kits and diecast due to some shipping problems but they should get sorted out soon.  Check the stores for new 2015 Hot Wheels and be sure to order the full 2014 poster and the first of 4 posters for 2015 from Mattel.  There's one only charge and a great display even if you like to keep them tucked away.  Maisto already put out the 2015 Mustang GT in their 1/18 line back in 2014 but for 2015 I'm eager to see their 1/24 version.  The 2015 Mustang GT has been done in 1/64 so far by Maisto, AutoWorld and Hot Wheels.  We have it in 1/18 by Maisto and 1/10 versions are out by New Bright for their radio control line-up.  I'm on the fence with the new generation Mustang so far.  I did pick up the Hot Wheels and Maisto 1/64 diecasts and the AutoWorld one.  Each of them have their hits and misses.  Maisto did a good job on the headlights while AutoWorld only uses paint.  I wish they would be more detailed.  We'll see what other diecast collectibles are coming out including the revised front and rear 2014-2015 Camaro in many scales and a possible Hot Wheels Mainline Release.  Don't forget to check the stores for past 2014 releases before spending the big bucks, some got in older stock from the past year so you might find your treasures such as me finding Snoopy Hot Wheels and some others for only a buck each.  Not bad at all.  Sometimes good things come to those who wait.

Holiday Finds and Sales - Hidden Treasures

Be sure to check all the stores in your area for restocks of Hot Wheels and other diecast.  Most of them will be featuring cardboard units of Hot Wheels to sell as gifts for yourself or someone else.  They are put out for the upcoming Christmas and holiday season including and before Black Friday.  I was able to cross a few off my wanted list.  The thing to know is they usually put out older stock and some newer for the current line-up of 2014 so you can find ones that you might have missed over the past year.  Another point to mention is that they aren't picked through as quickly as the ones in the bigger popular department stores.  So keep your eyes peeled for them in places you might not think of and don't be discouraged.  You might find your wants at a decent price.

Bringing Up The Rear for 2014 Hot Wheels and 2015 Outlook

The local Walmart got in some cases of the last issue for 2014 and some early 2015 Hot Wheels.  K-mart got in their special edition colors back in September.  Keep watch out in the dollar stores and pharmacies including grocery stores.  This is where you can score some of the earlier 2014 issue mainlines for your collection such as the Snoopy and Star Trek USS Vengeance.  You never know what will turn up.  AutoWorld is going to push out some series 3 colors for their 1/64 diecast line.  The 2015 Hot Wheels look promising but I hope they do less fantasy creature cars and more street cars even if they are customs.  As the holiday season gears up, be sure to look in the dollar stores for other diecast and build-up cars in various scales from 1/32 to 1/24.  Sometimes you can find some unique items for your collection without having to spend big bucks.  These might include light and sound 1/32 cars, r/c cars and others.

A note on the 2015 Mustang.  Hot Wheels has one out in their 2014 Mainlines in red and is pretty plentiful so don't spend too much to get one.  Maisto has their 1/18 version out in red, white and blue as a GT.  There is also a police paint scheme version with lightbar and push bar.  I was told that the 1/24 diecast is delayed until late 2014.  No other ones have been spotted by me out in the wild..

Bigger Things are Coming - New Hot Wheels

Noticed that the local Walmart got in some new cases of Hot Wheels but they seemed to be picked out already.  I got rid of most of my extra ones and not collecting as many as them like I was.  The joy of finding them are gone and I'd rather something a little larger such as 1/32 and 1/24 scale at the moment.  This doesn't mean that I'm going to stop completely but slow down.  No Snoopy or anything cool except for the Heat Fleet Flamed 1970 Buick GSX in Black and the 1969 Cougar Eliminator in Red / White / Black.  There's also the Mopar Anniversary cars by M2 Machines in the cubes but they look rather plain in white.  Waiting for the 2015 Mustang in 1/24 by Maisto including the New Bright r/c cars.

The Slow Months for Collecting Hot Wheels:

Unless you have a free-energy automobile and loads of free time plus a lot of cash to spend then you can visit all the stores in your area including pharmacies and dollar stores and of the course the big department stores to see what all they have in 1/64 diecast and Hot Wheels.  Most of us usually just have time to check out a store when we're conveniently in there.  From checking some sources, it seems like from May to August is the slow months for most stores like Walmart.  My local one has been pretty stale on getting any new Hot Wheels in especially mainlines so I'm missing out on getting a few issues at this time.  Some of them do pop up later and possibly at other stores so I am not paying extra to get them right now like some.  I can wait and do not need all of them.  Just a few.  AutoWorld has been slowly getting on the shelves along with Maisto's revival of their 1/64 All Stars.  I wish that Maisto would use smaller packaging but I digress.  There will be some new stock out there but usually we'll see more in the fall for the big department stores but keep looking you never know.  Greenlight is pushing out their releases but those are mostly hobby and online purchses for most of us while M2 Machines has stuff out but not as gloated as before.

April flowers with more diecast findings:

I am disappointed in no Zamac Hot Wheels at my local Walmart.  I sure hope they get some in as I am after that Zamac 1969 Dodge Daytona Charger.  The AutoWorld 1/64 are becoming popular but I wish they keep them stocked better as there is little selection there.  The wagons are going fast.  I am not really into them but I would like the Christine 1958 Plymouth from that second release without having to resort to buying it online but I think I might have to unless someone offers one up as a trade.  Be on the look-out for mainline Hot Wheels for the Mustang's 50th Anniversary as they do have a series out just not in special packaging just a subset of their regular ones.  It is 50 years for the Hemi too so they might do something special for the Mopar people as well.  M2 Machines will probably do it as they have in 1/24 so expect something for 1/64.  And for you Star Trek fans, the USS Vengeance is out in the mainline series but I haven't come across that one yet.  As I just casually collect and do not travel to many other stores or Walmarts, I don't get to see the variety in the stores.  One tip is to look in your local grocery store as you might have to pay slightly higher prices but you may find some surprises there or cars that have yet to been picked through.

March roars in with new diecast finds and news...

I was correct and Walmart does have an 8 car Mustang Hot Wheels series available.  They could have chosen some better cars for a few of them.  Two look almost alike and the one isn't even close to being a 2003 Cobra.  I just picked what I thought looked nice and left the rest.  More 1/43 Greenlight Fast and Furious cars are out including the Supra, Eclipse and Brian's Escort.  Collectors online are reporting more new cars out in dump bins at Walmart but my local one hasn't gotten much new in except for the special series cars.  Hopefully I'll be able to snag the blue issue of the 1955 Gasser and the Zamac Charger Daytona.  Wish me luck!

The Diecast Outlook for 2014 and Beyond...

Hot Wheels will be doing higher end collectibles in their Retro Entertainment line-up so look for Fast and Furious cars there.  Greenlight got out their 1/43 1970 Charger Street Machine, 1972 Torino and Brian's Subaru.  I'm not really into collecting anything special yet for diecast in 2014.  Right now I am just waiting and seeing what is being released.  I was able to get in the 1/43 1970 Fast and Furious Charger which looks ok but missed out on the Torino as it went out of stock while my order was being processed.  The Charger is ok but it would be nice to see Revell reissue some of their 1/25 diecasts in built form such as the 1970 Charger and Eclipse.

Star Trek fans rejoice because you are going to be getting the USS Vengeance in Hot Wheels Mainline Form for 2014 it seems.  I'm curious if there will be a special 50th Anniversary Mustang carded series at Wal-Mart similar to the Corvettes.  AutoWorld is dishing out their 1/64 cars but I miss the Johnny Lightning cars.  Things are just at a slow point for the start of 2014 as products roll out after the holidays.

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The Dump Bin of Doom at a Big Box Store.  This photo was taken on August 9, 2015 with earlier cases mixed in with newer ones.  A big headache of a mess I didn't have time to sort through that day..


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