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Brief updates and articles about Hot Wheels and other 1/64 die-cast cars including Matchbox, Maisto, Greenlight, M2 Machines, Johnny Lightning, etc.  You will find information here about variations and interesting facts and finds along my journey in collecting.  Check out the other reviews available in the Radio Control / Model Kit Reviews section for radio control vehicles and model kit related information, articles and more.  Visit the For Sale / Swap section for my trades and extras for sale including 1/64 Hot Wheels and more related items.  For older news about small scale diecast and Hot Wheels, check out the Diecast 1/64 article and news archive part of the site and related pictures / scans in the Photo Gallery.

Supply and Demand Chain 2021+ Working with a Diecast Budget - Recolors Etc.

As we all know 2020-2021 has turned everything upside down.  Now as supply gets low and then high again, etc. like a wave.  For 2021, i would say sometimes to look in the past what is out there as you can find a lot of new old stock and collections on the cheap.  Not really in retail shops and stores but second-hand stores, online and other places like flea markets.  You do need to do some research and have patience, too as you can find $1 cars from 2000s or late 1990s maybe even 1980s.  Don't expect to find rare pieces or the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts and such for that low price but you might find something neat or an earlier color or release of that same car you have currently or been looking for.

It is interesting to see the package card design changes over the years too.  From some news, cargo shipments have went up so that means retail pricing on the $5 and up collectible diecast will increae.  Not sure how the $1 average Matchbox and Hot Wheels will be able to cope probably in bulk though.  We have to wait and see.  My thoughts are to think positive, go with what is out there and sometimes remember to look in the past as you can find some cool stuff on the cheap for your budget.

Some new tools are coming out in 1/64 as always and new recolors and such.  Nothing that stands out to report here but wanted to let ones know that do visit the site here not to worry to keep looking even if it is only online or from trading by mail and such.  It is a nice hobby and remember you don't have to buy and own them all - get what you like maybe one for a friend to trade later, never know.

Middle of 2021 Coming Soon - Diecast and Other Things

Nobody really new to report, there is a lapse of new Hot Wheels Mainlines coming out for 2021 but this is normal for the way supply lines run these days.  You can still look for gift packs instead or check other stores.  Matchbox seems to be putting out some more such as at Walmart.  The secondary market sometimes has some good buys at the same prices for packaged Hot Wheels if you want something different like around the late 1990s and early 2000s when everyone was collecting and saving them.  Some do get pricey and beware of the reissues and reproductions out there especially from the Redline era.  Mattel did put out a lot of commemorative pieces.  It is best to do your research and if it seems too good to be true as the saying goes, it usually is.  Just remember collect and buy what you like, there is no need to have to have it all and budget it out - trading works too and sometimes finding a car loose is cheaper.

Be sure to check the other areas of a store too as sometimes you could find something neat in a budget r/c car in about 1/24 scale for a unique purchase if they are out of the regular 1/24 diecasts and they even have out some more 1/64 cars as r/c like the Jeep Gladiator Pickup, Ford Bronco (New Retro Style), Late Model Mustang and the 2020 Corvette C8.  Never know what you'll find and most for under $20 even $10 at the most in r/c land.  Even diecast you can go home with some neat items for under $20 or less.

Scale Stuff Is Rolling In for Final Months of 2020 - Collect and Enjoy

There is the normal mainline releases for 2020 from Mattel under their Hot Wheels line-up.  Be sure to keep an eye out for some new releases - they are new to Hot Wheels so shouldn't be too hard on your hobby budget.  The collector series still being released here and there, don't fret though as you don't need to collect all of them only what you like.  You can grab one or two of the Rick & Morty premium collector releases if you are a fan of the show - the same with the Disney and other rock band releases - some are in the cheaper $1.50+ line or the $5.50+ US dollar bracket.  Don't consider them as investments but more to collect and enjoy overall.

M2, Greenlight and others have some more new tooling out in 1/64 - too many to list here but if you search online such as the auction sites or classified sites, you'll see them or even on social media.  The 1979 to 1985 Mustangs are being released by Greenlight.  M2 has done a 1982-92s third generation Camaro to go side to side with the 1987+ Fox Body Mustangs they have out.  Some of these have been released already in the past by Johnny Lightning and even Auto World in the past like the Camaros so it is up to you if you want an M2 version.  Imports and customs are out as well - just keep your eyes peeled and again don't rush to collect them all to pace yourself.

Grab something for yourself and perhaps to give as a gift if you budget allows - it all depends on how everything goes but the Matchbox releases are nice as well - don't ignore those as they do have some surprises.  Be sure to check the Hot Wheels and Matchbox 5 packs as they have some neat cars in them.

Don't ignore the r/c section as it looks like 1/64 scale Hot Wheels radio control cars are coming out again so looks like I might have to grab one to do a review to see if they improved and to help my fellow site visitors.  There is also a 1/48-scale or so Fast and Furious racing set with Dom's 1970 Dodge Charger with blower.  It is battery operated from Walmart but other place have ones with loops and electric plug in power - extra cars might be hard to find but at least it is cheap enough for the occasional person that wants a slot car set.

Diecast Year So Far for August 2020 - Different State of Mind

As we all know, this year has been a topsy-turvy year in general and not with diecast.  Some of the highlights though in 1/64 include more and different versions of the Fox-Body Ford Mustang Hatchback.  We did have issues in the past by Johnny Lightning and Greenlight but now M2 Machines released their 1987 Ford Mustang GT Hatchback.  Other versions will be coming out such as Greenlight four-eyed versions with their 1979 Ford Mustang Cobra in late 2020.  Jada is doing a 1987-1993 Custom Mustang Hatchback in 1/24 scale.

We have the usual Mattel Hot Wheels and Matchbox releases through-out the year.  M2 Machines they are doing their Square-Body along with Auto World Chevy Truck Line-Ups in 1/64 scale.  Some repaints and updates by Jada in their 1/32 scale series.  Thinking if there's any extra or special to throw out there for the news for those that visit.  I say if stock hasn't been updated for awhile, check gift packs by Hot Wheels as sometimes you'll find newer issue cars or special only colors in there in their nine car packs.  While I don't really cover much smaller than 1/64 scale, they have brought back Micro Machines.  We had a taste of this by those Jada Three Packs.  They aren't too much of interest for me but I did have a few in the past.  Small, cartoonish but still neat little cars.  As always, they are up to you to collect.

Matchbox has a special 5 pack Top Gun twin pack - two versions actually and even an air craft carrier playset.  This set is much more affordable than that really big and gigantic G.I. Joe playset from the 1980s which was out of anyone's price range except for the elite few.  The Matchbox Top Gun 5-packs have one plane and the rest vehicles but is an interesting item.  I may have skipped news and updates but wanted to do one to bring everyone up to speed a bit on what's unique and neat to collect.  While Mustangs have been done before, it is nice to see them being expanded.  One of the 1/64 vehicles I'd like to see would be more oddballs like the Ford LTD Crown Victoria Sedan of the 1980s from the Greenlight Wagon tooling even a 1/18 version or 1/24th.  Maybe even a more true to scale version of the Caprice of that era in 1/24th as Maisto did more of a lowrider / custom version.

Holiday Season, 2020s are Coming Out, Etc.

What's in-store for this holiday season?  Most of the same, some new series and repaints in the 1/64 diecast world.  I know you'll find more series of Hot Wheels and Matchbox, some interesting pieces so keep your eyes out for those.  Greenlight is doing more Kings of Crunch variations for monster trucks so those are popping up.  I do plan to probably get their 1/18 Bigfoot 4x4x4 #1 Monster Truck diecast as a gift to myself and pop a review up here.  Others have covered this truck probably but will give my own slant on it, maybe a good start for 2020.  More 1/64 Fast and Furious is in the Hot Wheels line-up, repaints and new cars for Matchbox, M2 is not really doing too much but almost everyone has their own version of the squarebody 1973 to 1987 Chevy / GMC Pickups out there in 1/64 scale.  Jada is going to be doing some lighted cars it seems in 1/24 scale and I think 1/18 but not entirely sure - one of them is the Back To The Future BTTF Time Machine.  Knight Rider KITT's prototype KARR is out in 1/24 scale with a working scanner and repaint like in the series to differentiate the two which I think is a good idea, maybe later they could do an earlier version of KARR.  So for now shop around.  Looks like new designs on the 9-vehicle gift packs for Mattel's Hot Wheels line and they might be doing a two car exclusive for their 20 packs, I have to see one in person and research that more to give you info on that.  Tomica is in Walmart, they are randomly putting out different cars.  We shall see what else is in store.  For now, enjoy what you like out there and don't feel like you have to buy all the new stuff.  There is enough out there for every budget so don't fret.

Monster Trucks, Nano Rides, Tomica Returns, and Hunting Around

The holiday season is soon here so we'll see more stock in the stores thankfully as summer has been slow here but it is September and soon fall so looking forward to some new releases.  One of the biggest news is Tomica's return to the US again exclusively at this time through Walmart Stores.  They seem to have a limited line-up at the moment but will probably expand them if the demand is there.  These are blister packaged with the car and box clearly shown to be hung on the hooks / pegs for display in the store.  Something different out there, glad to see a new player to help keep the others on their toes a bit.  They are holding their own but nice to see something fresh.

There have been some new stuff over the summer such as we saw more station wagons from Greenlight in 1/64 scale, GM this time around such as their Olds Vista Cruiser along with a Pontiac variant.  Greenlight's 1/18 Monster Trucks with Bigfoot 4x4x4 #1 Ford Truck being the first one out the door.  This is a 1979 Ford or a 1974, long story short is that the truck started out as a 1974 then Bob Chandler updated it with a 1979 front clip / grille, etc.  Some state the first regular truck as a 4x4 was a 1975 but it can get confusing - anyway, great to see monster trucks as diecast in 1/18 scale - though we  did have some r/c trucks but never at this detail - while static models they should be nice as long as the price is reasonable for the common collectors.

Hot Wheels, Matchbox, M2, etc. has their line-ups coming out with new paint schemes, some new cars, etc. but the big thing is square-body aka 1973 to 1987 Chevy Pickups coming from Greenlight and M2 including Auto World.  I probably forgot other releases but keep your eye out for a flood of these trucks to make the Chevy and GM people happy.  The Ford people are glad to see the older 1970s F-Series trucks and I'm sure the Dodge Mopar fans will get their share later if not already with some trucks and SUVs out there, etc.

SpinMaster has their Monster Jam line, Mattel their Hot Wheels Monster Truck line and as mentioned before and above about Greenlight's 1/18 Monster Trucks.  We'll see more cars in all scales like under Jada's Metals line, some more Fast and Furious R/C cars and diecast in their scales like 1/24 and 1/32 even the Nano Rides which are smaller than 1/87 scale in a three pack  but nothing from Mattel at this time sadly unless their trickle out on Amazon or other online outlets, we shall see.  So keep hunting and looking at your favorite places, browse and search online, never know what you'll find.  Sometimes collecting older stuff at low prices or deals are good so don't be afraid to check toy shows and flea markets for deals that meet your budget.  Remember don't overspend with your budget in mind.

Mid-2019 Brings Jada's 20th Anniversary 1/24 Cars, Regular & Apple Hot Wheels

While this focuses mostly on 1/64 scale, Jada for 2019 is celebrating their 20th Anniversary.  You can spot their special 1/24 line-up of bare metal zamaz style vehicles from each of their lines they had done in the past.  Each vehicle contains a plaque in which if you put them all together you get a nice mosaic.  This means having to buy two of each if you want to keep one in the box but a neat thing though.  Not sure if they'll do anything in 1/64 or other scales but never know.  No special news for Matchbox, etc. or Greenlight except for their 1/18 old school diecast Ford 1979-style Monster Trucks which should be out probably in the fall.  They will be pricey but worth it as like the original Bigfoot 4x4x4 will have a tilt front end and other details.  The first time collectible monster trucks ever done in 1/18 diecast if I remember correctly.  The Monster Jam and Mattel trucks are roughly 1/24 scale, larger ones are radio control but none in diecast.  GameStop has the 51st Satin and Gold Hot Wheels series but hard to find as they sell out quickly.  They don't carry a lot of Hot Wheels near me but I hear others have more probably due to how popular it is for that store location as they focus mainly on video games, you can find collectibles in there - I wouldn't go out of your way but stop in sometime if one is nearby they might surprise you.

One last big note is Apple via Mattel has their own line of Hot Wheels id track and cars with a chip inside to allow your Apply I-product like the iPhone or iPad to track these special Hot Wheels 1/64 cars.  They are available from Apple - a bit pricey but have exclusive packaging, paint schemes and the NFC chip.  This seems interesting as it drives into the new age but then you need to have the equipment, another line to collect if you like the special paint schemes.  I might grab one or two for my personal collection but not invest in getting a track set or compatible phone at this time.  As always remember to watch your budget as noted in the past as you don't need all of them, collect what you like, trade others, be patient as you don't need all the stuff out there,  and remember to have fun with the hobby.

March Hot Wheels Month - Fast and Furious 1/64 Cars

For Fast and Furious fans, I know you are out there especially the ones who come here for the Mattel 1/55 guide which is a separate line to their Hot Wheels cars for 2019 Hot Wheels is doing a Premium line-up of Fast and Furious cars including some new molds.  Be check to be on the lookout for those through the year.  The first batch has surfaced already.  Jada under their Metals Diecast label has been pumping out more JDM cars in their larger than life 1/64 scale which measures out to about 1/55 scale.  Some repaints and other variations from Greenlight and M2 Machines.  As the title says that March is Hot Wheels month so some Walmart stores have extra stock in but your locations near you might vary.  Nothing much else to cover at the moment except to note to check the Matchbox cars as they have some special Superfast 50th Anniversary vehicles plus their new line-up of vehicles with moving parts such as opening doors with their prices in between the main ones and the collector cars.  I think it is great to see Matchbox put out some reasonable priced albeit higher than the regular line but expected due to the cost to produce vehicles with moving parts such as doors that open or a hatchback, etc. but lower than being in the collector range.

New Year Means New Diecast for 2019 - Lots of Cool Stuff Coming Out

While it is over for Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary, we'll be looking at others such as Matchbox which celebrated their 65th in 2018 but their stock usually rolls over into the next year so be on the lookout for their Sapphire special marked cards and vehicles with 65 marked on them in a special greenish/white paint scheme - some of them are the Olds Vista Cruiser wagon, Off-Road VW Golf and in a 5-pack the Jaguar XKE coupe.  We'll have 1/24 Hollywood series cars such as Jada's Knight Rider TV Series KITT Firebird with working light and more features and others from Greenlight, M2 Machines and under Round2 such as Auto World, Johnny Lightning, etc.  So while it is winter and some slowdown, there will be stock still coming out.  Greenlight's Ford Panther Wagons the LTD Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis style are very popular being the first time down as 1/64 diecasts - they are doing 1979 to 1991 variations from when they were just LTDs to LTD Crown Victorias with different style grilles and even the Mercury Versions.  Monster Trucks are hot as well so check those out in various scales from Greenlight including Artisan Series 1/18 - the first for a monster truck I think in diecast other than a toy that size.  Save some of that holiday money as 2019 looks to be a great year.

Fall / Autumn 2018 - More Diecasts, Restocks, Holiday Season

Forgot to add if you are in the US to get your USPS Postal Stamps featuring Hot Wheels. The end of the year is getting closer along with the holiday seasons so that means the companies pushing out more diecast and the stores stocking up for the busy time of the year such as Black Friday.  Some highlights in Diecast including Greenlight's 1/64 Bigfoot 4x4x4 1979 Bigfoot #1 Ford Monster Truck, Mattel's Hot Wheels mainlines are flowing out there and others like the 1980s Panther-based Ford LTD Crown Victoria Full-Size Station Wagons in 1/64 scale.  As always, reissues and new pieces from Greenlight, M2 Machines, Johnny Lightning and Auto World such as big 1970s Buick Station Wagons.  Some larger scale vehicles as well.  Neat items.  Also, more from Jada to cover the JDM market in the 1/55 sized (1/64 labeled) series like the wide-body Datsun 510 sedan.

Late Summer 50th Hot Wheels Big Display, Bigfoot 4x4x4 Ford Monster Trucks

Summer is winding down as I type this near the end of August 2018.  Look in Walmart for a big 50th Hot Wheels Display with both ends have regular mainlines including a Fast and Furious set for 2018.  The sides include their track sets and some transporters.  Looks like it'll be there for awhile maybe a few months.  A neat display a large Bone Shaker 50th deco on top for each side.  There is also a Mopar set as a Wal-Mart exclusive with the interesting vehicle being the 1970 Dodge Power Wagon pickup truck which is worth the $1.27 each price, the other cars are the Mopar Custom '77 Dodge Van, Dixie Challenger in a Mopar paint scheme, 70 Charger with Blower (actually mislabeled as a 70 Dodge Challenger R/T), two different style Dodge Viper coupes plus a 1971 Plymouth GTX in yellow but not the best of a paint scheme.  Greenlight is doing a monster truck series featuring the original #1 Bigfoot Ford Monster Truck in 1/64 and larger scales which should be here for the fall.  They are also going to do some other trucks like Fords F-series Monsters around 1974 to 1979 with Chevy Monsters Trucks around the 1968 to 1972 body style - King of the Crunch.  M2 Machines recolors but nothing really to note except for their early 70s Camaro in 1/64 that came out earlier this year plus some more late 1960s Camaros.  Look in the coloring book / magazine section for a Hot Wheels 50th Black Cover Coloring Book priced at $5.00  Sadly no Mattel 1/55 news at this time for the Fast and Furious 1/55 Line-up.  Looks like the stores having a backlog of them did the series in but I'll try to keep you updated in the guide section as best I can.

Summer Preview - Hot Wheels 50th Magazine, Christine 1/24 1958 Fury and more!

On newsstands be sure to look for the special collectors magazine celebrating Hot Wheels and its 50th Anniversary.  The magazine is priced at collectible prices $12.99 such as issues like these are as they are one offs such as what is done for TV shows, movies, comics, etc.  I did pick one up for my collection as it has some interesting info in there.  I recommend paging through it briefly before buying as it does have info and photos but it is nor a complete history of Hot Wheels or for everyone.  In diecast news, Mattel is getting out more mainline cars out there including the 50th retro five car series found at Walmart and other places at $6 a car with the US contest for the 2018 Camaro SS ending in July 2018.  Some other cars out there from Greenlight, M2 Machines, etc. and in the fall of 2018 Greenlight should have out in 1/24 a diecast copy of Christine from the 1983 movie - a special ordered in red 1958 Plymouth Fury.  Otherwise Jada has some repaits in 1/24 scale in their Metals line-up which looks like they prefer to use Metals on their diecast these days with Jada only found on the bottom.  Target will have a special Hot Wheels day in June with special Hot Wheels releases to take over from Kmart K-Days I suppose.

50th Anniversary Decades Hot Wheels 2018 - Spring Diecast Update

Phew!  Looked like winter didn't want to leave us there for awhile when spring came but slowly and surely it is warming up.  Good chance to get out to the stores and flea markets to see what's available.  One of the newest items I spotted online is a series of ten 50th Hot Wheels Decades Series which includes the very popular 1983 Silverado Chevy Pickup, a 1970 Dodge Charger Street Machine plus a Corvette of course.  A nice assortment but right now I only spotted them online on a certain auction site and others.  I think they might be Target issues or exclusives but I can't be sure.  The cards have nice artwork and the vehicles are done fairly well, more colorful than the black and gold 50th Anniversary series at Family Dollar.  F series of Mainline Hot Wheels for 2018 are rolling out into stores like Walmart so look for them on the hooks and browse the aisles for a display on the end of an aisle / endcap for special 50th units that hold mainlines for 2018.  Some may have older cars but look through them.  They are made that there is a catch bin at the bottom.  Unconfirmed personally but I've read that people are finding 2018 50th reissue 1968 style cars around a street price of $6.00 each at various grocery stores so they might show up soon in your area with a button like the originals.  In other diecast 1/64 news some more issues from Greenlight, M2 Machines, etc. but nothing really exciting to report at this time.  Some more JDM cars so be on the watch for them.

The 50th Anniversary of Hot Wheels in 2018 - Winter Update

Be on the lookout for special black and gold carded 50th Hot Wheels in stores such as Family Dollar and your supermarkets, grocery stores and other places that may carry newer Hot Wheels.  The first is a six car set mostly in black with gold chrome and blue accents plus an extra chase / hunt car being a gold-themed '67 Camaro.  There is an error on the back of the cards as they show the Bone Shaker picture for the '65 Ranchero.  Also, Matchbox is putting out some more higher end collectible cars.  They have planned many new vehicles for their basic line-up so be prepared for some neat cars, trucks and SUVs such as a Jeep Grand Wagoneer and many others.  Matchbox is a bit slow with their releases so they will be out later in the year.  Mattel / Hot Wheels will probably do more for the 50th birthday from they started in 1968.  Nothing else to report except for more releases by Round 2 such as reissues of Johnny Lightning molds plus a few hobby exclusive colors.  Big new from Greenlight looks to be a hobby shop / online stores exclusive Bigfoot #1 4x4x4 Monster Truck but no sample images or test shots.  I assume they are using their 1970-era Ford Truck mold to create this.

Restocks and More for the Holiday Season - 2017

I apologize for the delay in updates here regarding 1/64-ish diecast.  Roound2 has some special two car diorama sets out which are a bit hard to find.  Some online retailers have them though.  They are Ghostbusters and a Christine The Movie set with a 58 Plymouth Fury using the Johnny Lightning mold along with Buddy's 1968 Camaro, you also get a figurine in that set. A bit pricey but good to see them return.  Mattel has some more 2018 Hot Wheels slowly coming out along with the holiday series at Wal-Mart.  Don't feel bad if you missed the 50 car Walmart set for $25 as they mostly had 5-pack cars in there and nothing special from what I could tell on the photo online.  A lot of people are looking to complete their 1/55 Mattel Fast and Furious collection but there haven't been any news or updates that I received from visitors to this site about the cars to complete the first series.  I'm not sure if there will be a second as they were slow sellers due to many duplicates in each restock and not many new releases.  Some minor updates include new nine vehicle gift pack designs for Hot Wheels with some new 2018 cars thrown in so be on the look-out.  You'll notice the new artwork on these packs.  A new Hot Wheels Car Culture series is out Cars and Donuts with some nice pieces like the older BMW M1 with wing.

The Dump Bin Returns, New Cars and Series for Fall / Holiday Season of 2017

Mattel has finally dished out some new Hot Wheels.  Look in Walmart for the return of the dump bins as the local one finally got a bin again advertising the Forza six car set for 2017 with the Australian Ford Falcon as the chase car.  The P case is out but was picked through.  A lot of neat pieces like the Forza AMC Javelin AMX in silver with a black stripe.  Hot Wheels will be celebrating their 50th anniversary for 2018 so some of the new package designs are making their way out already as transition pieces.  Be on the lookout for new diecast from other companies like Greenlight and M2 Machines with new JDM or Japan-inspired releases plus the Jada customized series.  Nothing else to really report at this time.

Far and Few Between but New Updates for Late Summer 2017

Coming to online retailers and stores is the Jada JDM Tuners line-up of 1/64 and larger cars from the Japanese culture.  These are in sets of A and B colors for their 1/64 line-up, they'll have a "1/32" range and 1/24 cars to go with them.  Greenlight has released a Mad Max Last of the V8 Interceptors Ford Falcon XB so get that while you can as it'll be very popular.  They also have a Matrix 1960s Lincoln Continental out as another new tool in their line-up.  M2 Machines has their own Walmart only for now release of their Japanese cars mostly tuners like the Nissan Fairlady or Z of the 1970s and the boxy sedans like the Bluebird and the Skyline in the Auto-Japan series.

There hasn't been anything worthwhile to report regarding diecasts as of July 29th.  The local stores around here are thin on stock and there are the usually recolors and reissues from M2 Machines, Greenlight, etc. plus Auto World and others but nothing worthy of reporting here.  I'll keep you updated if there is anything of note to keep your eye out for.  There is a new Lamborghini Hot Wheels set of cars available at Walmart but the good one out of that set is the Lamborghini Countach as most of the others are newer cars.  The Diablo was retired thus they would have to do a new mold to bring back that car albeit slightly different.

New Fast and Furious Hot Wheels for 2017 Spotted and Minor Updates

Nothing much new to report except that Mattel's set of Fast and Furious cars for 2017 have trickled into Walmart stores.  They have included different cars this time around.  There is Brian's White Supra that stands out.  No 1970 Dodge Charger R/T with Blower this time around but there is the 1970 Plymouth GTX / Road Runner in Dark Gray instead.  Greenlight and M2 Machines are putting out new releases and new colors as always in their respective 1/64 line-ups but nothing stands out at this time to report here.  It is M2's 10th Anniversary in 2017 so they did offer up 750 special 10th Anniversary Boxes which sold out quickly, in it you get a gold colored1957 Chevy Bel Air.  Walmart is promoting Hot Wheels Month for March 2017 so check that out on some of the cards.  The mainlines are slowly coming in for 2017 with some interesting issues.  Maisto has some new cars and r/c for 2017 coming out later this year.  Right now the season is a bit slow but it takes time for new products to come out.

Tips on Hot Wheels Three Packs for Issues found in 2017

For the most part, older three packs from Hot Wheels included at least one vehicle that wasn't a regular mainline issue and not found elsewhere unless in other gift packs such as the 9 and 20 packs.  Now I have noticed cars flowing over into these three packs from the previously issued five pack sets.  Examples include the white VW Golf GTI  from the VW 5-pack and the black 1969 COPO Corvette with flames from the Flames five pack.  I'm not saying they are no longer collectible 3-car sets but to be alert when buying these.

Hot Wheels are Rolling in for February 2017 and New Old Stock 2015s

There are restocks of A, B, C and D cases in Walmart locally here along with fresh new old stock mainlines from 2015.  They might have found some old cases somewhere or Mattel was clearing out some leftover stock.  I noticed that two sizes of Fast and Furious 1/55 Movie Scenes Playsets are now out.  The cars look the same as what the single ones are so nothing to be that excited about.  Maybe if you'd be interesting in setting up some of the scenes from movies.  Some restocks of Johnny Lightning cars but they're getting pricey at $6.00 each.  Also, be on the lookout for some leftover Hot Wheels Walmart Fast & Furious cars.  The 50th Anniversary Camaro sets are out in special bins at Walmart with the '67 Camaro being the car sought after as it is still all metal with an opening hood.  A few had noted that they might have a painted motor while others don't.  I think the bare engine bays are more common but again they're selling them both at the same price.  Looks like a nice set of cars but would have been good for them to have included the 1970 Camaro Road Racer in the series instead of one of the newer Camaros.  There is also to be a special muscle car series at Walmart but my local one hasn't had any in at this time which is priced a bit higher at $2.50 each or so.

Look for Jada to be using new packaging for their Fast & Furious line-up especially their pull-back or "1/43-1/32" type cars with Dom and his infamous '70 Charger as a logo similar to what Mattel is using on their 2017 line of merchandise.  I'm not sure if they'll be doing this across the whole line but have noticed it popping up on a few cars.

Mattel's New Furiously Fast New Line for 2017 - Fast and Furious

They were a bit of a surprise to me but Mattel released in early January a new line-up of Fast and Furious movie cars and vehicles.  These are not, I repeat not Hot Wheels branded.  The scale is roughly about 1/55 very close to what Jada put out for their Build N Collect series.  The cars seem to be well done for the retail price of around $4 to $5 each.  According to the package, there will be a total of 32 different designs.  Expect vehicles in the line-up like the 1970 Charger R/T with Blower plus the primer gray 1970 Charger with a black hood, the Furious 6 Custom Charger Daytona and even the Maserati.  Some special issues spotted at Wal-Mart include a three pack with one exclusive car to that pack.  Each one has a specific name to it.  This seems to be a start of something as online I noticed 5 packs that will be at certain stores along with action packs with figures especially of Dom (Vin Diesel) so expect lots more to come.

Another note is the Car Culture Hot Wheels Series with a red, white and blue 1970 Charger, a copper 1968 Cougar Road Racer in a stock looking paint job (without numbers), a 1968 COPO Camaro, the new for 2016 yellow 1969 Corvette Convertible Road Racer with Roll Cage and the very popular orange-ish 1955 Chevy Gasser.  These are more pricier than your mainlines but keep looking around as street price is about $3.49 but you might have to pay $5 to $10 on the secondary market.  A few online retailers are stocking these around $4 a piece so grab them while you can.  Wal-Mart is also having a series of muscle cars and such but I don't have much on those at the moment.  So far 2017 is looking like a good year for collecting but remember you don't have to have them all, collect which ones you like and don't worry if you miss out on a few as they'll be around.

New Hot Wheels Nine Car Gift Pack Designs for 2017

Mattel has revamped the front design on their Hot Wheels Gift Packs for their new issue 2017 series packs.  You can see the new photo on the right featuring the Rodger Dodger car design and possibly a MS-T Suzuka? sporty exotic type car.  Some of the 20 car packs includes the Rodger Dodger design but the new 2017 line has this on them.  From the gift pack that I had received, the new Exclusive car is a reissue of Mattel's Hot Wheels 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda Convertible that hasn't been out for a few years.  So be on the lookout for more Exclusive cars throughout the coming year.  For the 2016 series packs, we had Datsun 620 pickup trucks, 1968 Cougar Road Racers, Ford Fairlane Thunderbolts and the 1968 Plymouth Cuda Hardtop in gift pack only Exclusive Colors not available as mainlines and I probably missed one or two.  Remember to check the other cars in the packs as they'll feature new colors and cars for 2017 plus gift pack only vehicles.

November 2016 - What to Cover and What Not to Cover

Hot Wheels are showing up slowly but surely, look for their 2017 line-up in stores as they have been releasing their 2017 cars already which is fairly common similar to model years for the automotive industry as next year models would be out around September or so.  As retailers put out stock to fill their shelves be sure to look for some older stuff that could have gotten lost in the shuffle.  Right now there's nothing really new in the Fast & Furious line except for a new set exclusive to Wal-Mart for 2016 with the usual cars except this time they took their Honda S2000 casting painted up like the one from 2 Fast 2 Furious.  Jada is working on a new JDM line but I'm not sure if they're only going to have them in larger scale and not their 1:55-1:60th size like the Fast and Furious cars.  Other than that I don't think there is much else to cover.  One note I should point out is that a few Auto World Release 5 cars seem to have snuck out with Exclusive Walmart stickers while they are regular issues.  The only special Walmart Auto World cars are the Yellow Firebird with the bird on the hood as the regular one comes without one plus the green one comes without one while the regular one has one if you can follow that.

October 2016 - Last of the 2016 Hot Wheels are Out with the Q Case and 2017s!

Well it looks like the end of 2016 Hot Wheels are upon us with the Q case cars.  These are the ones marked with a Q at the end on the back of the package.  It is like a secret society.  You have to learn all the behind-the-scenes details about these little $1 diecast cars.  What is interesting is that the Q case is also a transition case as they'll put in a few of their 2017 line-up such as the new color for the 1977 Firebird in the HW Flames series with a new model number scheme of #13 out of 365 instead of the 250.  From what I read about this, they're going to number each color variation for the line-up this the jump in cars released while technically they're about the same.  This case also includes some of the last of 2016 New Models like the #86 '69 Corvette Racer and the #240 Tour De Fast.  I remember a few years back when they did a more drastic package change, I got the exact same car in the two different packages probably when they went from the Q case to the A case.  Be on the look-out for the new 2017 Hot Wheels as they'll be pouring in soon.  Not much to report on the other diecast manufactures except for reissues and repaints from Racing Champions / Johnny Lightning / Auto World.  Fast and Furious news include Dom's Off Road '70 Dodge Charger for 2017 in the regular Hot Wheels line and the return of KITT so keep your eyes peeled.  Some cartoonish reissues are coming back like the tooned Mustang and Charger Daytona.

September 2016 Update:  The Fall Collecting Season Begins!  Look for Restocks

There will be new stock in your favorite retail stores as this is the time for them to get in new items for the holiday season.  Be on the lookout for exciting diecast release.  I need to get a photo but Maisto Fresh Metal series under the Adventure Wheels in Walmart has a new design for their nine car packs now called Adventure Force.  The last of the Hot Wheels for 2016 should trickle in slowly for the rest of the months of the year and then before we know it 2017s will be showing up.  The year goes by fast but remember to keep checking your spots because older earlier stock usually shows up in case you missed out on earlier releases.  One of the harder to find ones for me was the Hudson Hornet regular Hot Wheels as locally I didn't spot any but I bet others in other parts found plenty.  You never know but watch for the last of the releases of 2016 Hot Wheels because they're still coming out from the regular ones to collector issues.

I would like to add that before the end months leading to the holidays that some retailers will put out some earlier issue stock so check in the stores such as Wal-Mart because at times you might find some sets or cars that were sold out for awhile.  They'll be getting in new stock as well so remember to make your journey around and don't be disappointed if the stock looks stale because new stuff will be coming in soon and you might find some re-stock surprises which you missed out earlier in the year.

Store out of Hot Wheels, Same Old Stock? - Look at Nine Vehicle Gift Packs

If you're ever in a bind and notice that the stock of Hot Wheels is stale at your local store where you buy your single Hot Wheels, check out their nine car gift packs.  Why you ask?  The reason is that they offer one exclusive color or design car to the line-up for the year so that one won't be found in the main line-up in that color or design plus while the rest of the eight vehicles might be in the line-up you may find some gift pack only cars.  I can't guarantee anything special but you could gather up a few neat ones in that pack that aren't in the main line-up.  Examples coming soon.  Just wanted to throw that tip out there.  Remember to always keep your collecting in check but if you hit a dry spell and wish to get something different, the gift packs are the way to go.

The Heat Arrives in July 2016 with Beatles, Mustangs and Humidity

There's yet another exclusive set to Walmart, The Beatles this time around so check them out along with the more expensive Star Trek 50th collectible series of vehicles with Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise including Bones.  Hot Wheels is bringing out another Mustang set of cars again in Walmart.  Look for two special color Toys-R-Us only Hot Wheels - 2015 Mustang and a 1966 Chevelle.  Jada in their 1/32 line-up is bringing over their Fast and Furious tooling such as the 1970 Chevelle, 1970 GTX and the 1973 Barracuda.  Be on the lookout though as they have skipped on some detailing such as the headlights on the 'Cuda but overall look good for collecting.  Matchbox is rolling out their new vehicles slowly but surely.  Nothing else really to report that sticks out except that Maisto has new packaging for their collectible 1/64 All-Stars along with new paint schemes, themes and colors.  Get them at your favorite online or other retailer that carries Maisto products.

June 2016 Report:  Dollar Stores, Matchbox and More

First would like to clarify that there is a new Matchbox Jeep series out with vehicles such as the new Cherokee and an older late 1990s early 2000 style Grand Cherokee plus some other odds and ends including a special color to that series Willys Pickup.  Some more Hot Wheels are out for 2016 including a few new models for this year.  They haven't shown up locally yet as my Wal-mart still has a bunch from the other month of May and Late April mainline Hot Wheels including a lot of the BMW series.  There are various tie-ins to comic book series such as special cars and 5-packs.  I'm not really into them but did pick up one or two to get a 1957 Plymouth Fury in white with Captain America deco.  Jada is planning a series 3 for their Fast and Furious 1:55 line.  Nothing else to report at this time except to check your dollar stores such as Family Dollar because I noticed they had cardboard trays of Matchbox and Hot Wheels vehicles.  This time of year is usually a bit slow for the summer.  Who do you call? Ghostbusters!  Look for Hot Wheels Twin Packs and Retro Entertainment Ecto-mobiles from the old and new movies.  They might be in other toy aisles compared to regular Hot Wheels.

Lots to Choose From:  Loaded Shelves, Bins - Late April 2016

The local Walamart got in their huge order of diecasts recently around April 19th or so because the entire section where they have toy cars and diecasts wee fully stocked, loaded with tons of stuff to buy for us collectors.  They had a well-stocked dump bin with newer release Hot Wheels for 2016 from cases such as F, G and H.  They were picked through in the bin (I still found a decent amount of new ones that were nice from new models and paint schemes) but there was still a lot left over on the shelves and on the hooks.  Hot Wheels from regular ones to special series like the Stars & Stripes, Redlines and for the longest time in about a three year hiatus locally Retro Entertainment series such as the Back to the Future Delorean, Star Trek 50th New Style Movie Enterprise and even the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine.  Onto the Matchbox line-up they had their regular stock including the Jeep line-up but nothing interesting.  There was a restock of Racing Champions and Johnny Lightning with the new 2016 series of Street Freaks customs and such.  M2 Machines was well represented with the Drivers line-up and even a bunch of Jada cars, trucks and their Fast and Furious line-up.  A bit of something for everyone was there.  I was amazed to see them stock-up like this.  Remember you don't need to collect everything and only pick out stuff that you like within your budget.  Forgot to mention that Auto World Release 4 was there.

Brief note on the new for 2016 Hot Wheels Custom 2001 Acura Integra GS-R where I spotted both styles of wheels in the same bin so I'm not sure if one style is more rarer than the other.  From doing some research, it seems the chrome five spokes are said to be harder to find than the blacked out spoke chrome outside rims.

Batman, Superman, Hot Wheels, Family Truckster, JL - April 2016 Frenzy Fever

Whew, where do I start for the beginning of April 2016.  Mattel has out some exclusive Walmart Batman vs. Superman cars with Wonder Woman thrown in.  They added a chase in there of Hero Batman.  A fresh stock of Hot Wheels came in the other month of March but they were quickly cleaned out.  Round 2 is getting out their stock of more series of Johnny Lightning cars by reissuing certain muscle cars, customs and the like.  Some of them have full blister packaging while others have a new carded blister in which supposedly you can open the blister and reseal it after examining the car.  They have out Release 4 of their Auto World line-up with some previous tooling done up in new colors and new molds such as the '64 Plymouth Barracuda, '64 Pontiac Grand Prix and the '63 Dodge Polara.

Other 1/64-ish news include a second series of Fast and Furious cars in 1:55 scale bringing us more cars from the series such as Letty's Barracuda, Dom's Charger Daytona Custom and others.  Greenlight put out their Hollywood series again including the National Lampoon's Family Truckster.  While you either love it or hate it, the Truckster brings us a 1980s full-size wagon in 1/64 scale even though it is heavily customized.  Some new Matchbox should be coming out soon but I haven't noticed anything around here.  Keep your budget in check though as the market is being flooded with diecast.  Maisto is doing 1/64 like before with new packaging designs so I thought to warn my readers that we could get stuck in trying to collect everything.  M2 Machines is still putting out releases but mostly new paint schemes.  They did do a 1971 Dodge Charger SE with a vinyl top and new design instead of their older mold being repainted.

Lastly, check your Walmart for some other special Hot Wheels series such as the Stars and Stripes of ten vehicles and the BMW series of eight with one of them being a motorcycle.  Some very nicely done cars in both series and at a reasonable price.

More Hot Wheels and New Series Out from Round 2 / Playing Mantis

By now you should have noticed the new 2016 Johnny Lightning line-up out in the stores.  Hot Wheels had their Kmart K-day Collectors Event recently.  Look for some special Kmart only colors of certain mainlines for 2016.  There hasn't been much new locally for Hot Wheels except for new 2016 9-car gift sets and the Mystery Cars for 2016 with one special chase in the bunch.  With the gift packs, the Exclusive is a Datsun 620 pickup or the '68 Cougar Racer in yellow so far that I have seen myself.  I think the other one is a '64 Ford Thunderbolt in red from what I saw from other sources.  Look for some other special colors mixed in with the rest exclusive to the 9-car and the counter register 3-car packs.  A special stars and stripes set was a Walmart exclusive by Hot Wheels and Mattel but I was only to get the Fire Eater, that was the only one there.  The rest must have sold out quick.  I thought I would see them around for weeks like the Hot Trucks series.

The next release from Round 2 aka Playing Mantis aka Auto World has hit Walmart here locally:  Racing Champions Mint.  I noticed they got a mixture of the cars in but they're a bit pricey like the 2016 JLs at $5.99 suggested retail.  They're ok but nothing really that special about them.  The series do have some chases in them so be on the lookout.  Most of the good colors were taken of the examples there.  I wish there would be more Hot Wheels out as the local stock is pretty low at the local Walmart unless the bin was already raided.  I'll keep my eye out though and don't be disappointed in your hunting because they'll show up eventually, be patient!

January 2016 - A Brand New Year For Collecting!

The 2016 series of Hot Wheels are still rolling out so be on the lookout for them.  They did update the card a bit.  Jada has put out the next line of 1/24 and smaller 1/32-ish Fast and Furious series cars such as the bare metal 1970 Charger, white Supra, etc.  Round 2 aka Auto World is said to be slowly getting out their Johnny Lightning line and Racing Champions Mint.  The only thing is that they'll be pricey at around $5.99 suggested retail price from what I heard.  You'll find some neat Hot Wheels through in the $1 mainline series so don't be worried you'll go over budget.  You can't collect them all.  Matchbox will be putting out some new ones here and there so be on the lookout.  Nothing else to report at this time.  Walmart does have an exclusive series of eight Hot Wheels pickup trucks so check them out as you'll find a 1979 Ford F-Series with Camper, Datsun 620 in red, white and blue along with some others like the lowrider Nissan Titan.

Furious 7 - Fast and Furious Diecast

These are not 1/64 scale and definitely not Hot Wheels as Jada Toys has released for March 1, 2015 in Target as an exclusive for now a line of Furious 7 tie-in movie merchandise but now is everyone but remember to check the Target website as they usually list their r/c cars on there and some 1/24 and 1/18 diecasts.  This line includes cars from the Fast and Furious movie Furious 7 along with other Fast and Furious cars.  They are in 1/24 and 1/32 scale with the molds looking to be modified Jada cars from previous line-ups for the 1/24 cars but the others seem to be refreshly minted.  I highly doubt they would be doing a 1/64 line-up as Mattel / Hot Wheels is doing a set for 2015 for the mainline series along with a special six car set for Walmart but as you might have read they did do two series of 1:55 or so cars.  Look out for some 1/16 radio control cars from Jada as well.  Greenlight is covering them in 1/43 scale but that series can get pretty expensive to collect all the Fast and Furious cars.

Furious and Faster - Greatness Awaits

Save your pennies and dollars because Greenlight is coming out with a 1/43 Custom Dodge Charger Daytona from the Fast and Furious franchise.  They are also to be rumored to have a 1/18 in the works.  My guess at this time is mid-2015.  Good things come to those who wait.  Jada is out with some new 1/32 diecasts or repaints? such as 1969 Dodge Charger Daytonas, 1970s Firebirds and late model Camaros.  They are also expanding their truck line with the 2014 Silverado in various paint schemes and styles.  Hot Wheels is releasing their 2015 line-up slowly but surely.  Some of the treasure hunts and paints look alright for 2015 but wish they could do some different cars in the form of some muscle cars and street cars that are missing from the current line-up instead of repaints.  I know they need repaints but hopefully they can bring back some others even in a special line.  I'll keep you updated once I gather more information.  And for all the Fast and Furious fans out there expect more releases from Hot Wheels in another special eight car set, Greenlight in their 1/43 line-up and even 1/18 plus possibly some others.

Looking for older news and articles?  Check out the diecast 1/64 small car article archive part of this site.  Lots more good information below about collecting and finding Hot Wheels and other cars so don't leave just yet.

Finding Hot Wheels in the Oddest Places:

Most everyone knows to check pharmacies and the smaller stores but sometimes you can find them in the larger stores where you least expect it.  This happened to me by chance as I was looking around a section of my Kmart store near layaway and hardware.  They have a huge spinning rack full of Hot Wheels right beside the layaway and online order window.  Looked to be mostly common ones but since it was Kmart you can get Kmart only colors there.  I marked a 2008 Challenger off my want list because I spotted one hanging there.  Check the registers as well since some are even stocked there.  The main toy department was pretty void of them but they were kind of hidden elsewhere.  So look around!  It won't be as easy at Walmart since they seldom move their dump bins and racks from the toy section but sometimes they might move it closer to automotive or even seasonal at Christmas.  You just never know.  A tip for the casual collector out there and be sure to check your grocery stores since they might get older stock in.

Hot Wheels 1959 Chevrolet Impala vs. 1959 Impala "Bel Air"

Something looked odd about the recent flamed 1959 Impala I got for my collection but I couldn't pinpoint it.  Anyway a close friend of mine is into collecting 1959 Chevy diecasts especially the Hot Wheels '59 Impalas so after getting in a few from trading, I showed him some of them in case he didn't have them yet..  I looked them up online since I was curious about what all they came out with over the years.  I wondered why at the reference site that they were split up into two groups.  Now I see why since there is the original 1997 First Edition '59 Chevrolet Impala style with different colors schemes released through 2002 and then it evolved into the separate 1959 Chevy Impala "Bel Air" sedan with the B-pillar post added and missing side skirts around 2003 to present.  The first issue of the '59 Bel Air coming out around 2003 from my research while still called a 1959 Chevy Impala by Mattel on the Hot Wheels 2013 mainline package but has Bel Air stamped on the chassis bottom.  The strangest thing about this is that I haven't even noticed the difference at first but thought this newest issue with the flames looked a little different.  My take on this is that they either needed to revise the mold or just wanted to slightly update it.  They are are so close that you can't really consider it a new release but possibly an update or variation perhaps..

Only Buy What You Like Not What They Like - Keep Your Diecast in Check

I'll elaborate on this more but for now the basic thing to remember is collect what cars you like and not what is popular at the moment.  This way you won't be looking at boxes of cars later on and thinking where did all of that come from.  Now sometimes you might want to put an extra piece or two which is good for trade material but the key is not to go overboard with it.  This will save room for your collection.  For example, the new AutoWorld 1/64 cars that are coming out.  I will get one or two from each series because I actually like those automobiles but will not collect the rest just because they are part of the series.  For some, they will want a complete series be it Hot Wheels, Matchbox, etc. but for me it is more to gather what I like than just to have them all.  This goes for other diecast, I might verge back into some larger scales but have restricted myself to 1/24 as the largest I'll buy as 1/18 can get expensive and / or take up a lot of space.

Buy Them When You See Them (Within Budget)

I will expand on this further but for now my advice is when you seen them in the store to buy what you like and not wait as next time they could be gone.  Overall remember to stay within budget though as this is a hobby to enjoy and not stress over it.  You might have a $1.00, $10.00, $20.00 or even $50.00 to spend but don't go overboard.  If you run across too many cars, pick out the special ones that jump out at you.  You do not need to buy the new colors or variations or new releases just because they are different or new.  Buy what you like and don't think you have to have them all.  As I call myself a casual collector, I don't feel the need to drive everywhere or check the local stores just to find what is new there.  If I am at the store, I will check the department where the Hot Wheels or other diecasts are when I have the time but I don't make it a big priority.  I consider this as a hobby to be fun and not stressful trying to track down certain cars.  Remember to keep the collecting simple and fun!

Hunting for Hot Wheels Part 1

(Note: Both Parts 1 and 2 have archived news from 2013)

It has been on the quiet so far for the end of April and beginning of May 2013 with new stock locally of Hot Wheels.  I was lucky enough to find a Star Trek Enterprise along with a gold 1955 Gasser plus a Super TH 1971 El Camino including some others like the Fast and Furious Supra.  Now I noticed they have not restocked the areas where they are in.  I assume they wish to let them sell out of what they have before getting more cases in.  I know it was piled with them for awhile.  For me, I don't really go specifically for Hot Wheels at the stores.  Some will travel to maybe five stores within a 30 mile radius to check them all out.  I have no time to do that nor wish to waste precious fuel on looking for the recent issues.  I figure I'll get them when I do.  Also, I do have a few to trade but I have decided against hoarding them for sale or trade later.

An example was the last time they dumped a few cases out.  I could have gotten an extra Super TH, extra THs and gathered all the popular at the minute Hot Wheels.  I did get an extra gold 1955 Gasser for my close friend who is into the 1955 1956 1957 Chevys but left all the extras there.  Too much hassle in gathering them up then finding buyers or traders then shipping, running to the post office, etc.  Not worth it.  I consider myself a casual collector than a diehard in the hobby running like mad to get the newest ones.

Hunting for Hot Wheels Part 2

They have finally restocked here at the end of May with a new shipment of Hot Wheels.  These included the Fast and Furious 1970 Dodge Charger in the regular line-up along with the 1972 Ranchero, Cuda Convertible with Flames, 1969 Camaro Convertible and many others.  There was plenty of regular ones to choose from but the bunch has been picked clean of any Treasure Hunts or special editions.  The line of special packaged specific collection of eight Fast and Furious series cars were due to be out but I was waiting for the local store to get them in.  I was surprised to see them on display the beginning week of June with a separate display of special packaged 60th Anniversary Corvettes as well.  The previous set is a must for any Fast and Furious fan.  The good part about them is that they are priced the same as the regular Hot Wheels which means about $1.00 each but have a special background card and slightly more detail to the car itself.  These include the 1970 Dodge Charger, Supra, 2008 Challenger, Nissan GT-R, Nissan Skyline R34, 2011 Dodge Charger, 1970 Chevelle SS and rounding out the group is the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback in Green with White Stripes.  From checking sources online about this release, the Mustang is rumored to be the hardest to find of them all.  I have to agree as there was plenty of others on display except for the Mustang but it is not a special piece out of the set.  All of them are marked equal.  I'm sure they'll turn up in future re-stocks in a higher quantity so  just be patient instead of throwing cash out just to get that one car.  Sometimes you can work out a trade or just wait as they will turn up.  As I'm not a diehard collector, I don't worry about trying to get the must-have Hot Wheels of the moment.  Now I just need to see when that 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona new model for 2013 will be showing up but there's plenty of time.  As I mentioned before and I say it again, patience is what will bring the cars to you.  You remember to stay within budget and not go overboard traveling to other stores searching and battling with other collectors / dealers / hoarders.  It is just a waste of time, money and too much stress over toy cars.

Know Your Subject Matter for Collecting 1/64 Die-cast

This might sound so simple but it really helps you from getting taken when collecting.  Most of the time when you purchase from a retail store either in person or online, you are sure to get a factory production item.  The problem comes either from an auction or other private party where they have taken a regular piece and combined it into a custom but use confusing words.  Another one is just an error in a listing even for an online store, be sure to match the description and photo to be sure you are getting the correct item.  Some diecast come in assorted colors, do not assume you will get the one pictured.  Most that sell Hot Wheels especially the specialty shops do know to make sure you get the correct color from that same item number.  Mattel likes to offer the same model Hot Wheels in various color shades for the same year.  A few might be special such as Secret or Super Treasure Hunts but many are just factory variations to allow more sales.  Update:  For 2017, Mattel is expanding their model number system from 250 to 365 to avoid this issue for their Hot Wheels Mainlines but it is always a good idea to match item numbers to make sure you're getting the correct product from any manufacturer.


2021 Matchbox Line 2019 Mustang Coupe Brembo

Current Matchbox Package Design:  2021 Issue '19 Ford Mustang Coupe shown

Hot Wheels 2020 2021 Nine Car Gift Pack 1967 Camaro

Here's a 2020-2021 Hot Wheels Gift Pack close-up showing a 1967 Camaro. Sometimes if singles are sold out they can be found in nine packs, too.

2019 Marks 20 Years of Jada Diecast with them releasing a special 1/24 line

Special Hot Wheels Collectible Magazine Celebrating 50 Years

Hot Wheels 2018 50th Black & Gold
Set of Six Cars plus a Chase (Camaro)
Bone Shaker Shown

Hot Wheels 2018 New Nine Gift Pack Design - Includes new 2018 cars in these packs and an Exclusive car.

Hot Wheels 2016-2017 New Nine Car Gift Pack Design - Includes new 2017 cars in these packs and a new Exclusive car.

Tour De Fast and 77 Firebird Hot Wheels

Two 2016 Q Case Hot Wheels Cars
Left is one of the last 2016 series and on the right is one of the first new 2017 cars

Hot Wheels 2016 Late Issue Gift Pack - These gift packs include an exclusive color vehicle plus a mixture of mainline issues and some gift pack only vehicles so don't pass them up.

This example pictured above bought in September 2016 has some early 2017 mainline cars included.

Hot Wheels Dump Bin for April 2016.  You can see newer Hot Wheels mixed in on top with an exclusive BMW series.

Some neat vehicles can be found in one of these if you have the time.  Pick through carefully so as not to damage the cards for other collectors.

The Dump Bin of Doom at a Big Box Store.  This photo was taken on August 9, 2015 with earlier cases mixed in with newer ones.  A big headache of a mess I didn't have time to sort through that day..

Sometimes Hot Wheels do not want to stay in their blister such as this Porsche!


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