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I take a look at these obscure 5 Pack 1/64 scale diecasts under the name Revoz by Playmind.  They're about the same price as a Hot Wheels or Matchbox five vehicle pack but offer a unique look and style even though they're a bit smaller.  As before don't forget to visit the main reviews section for more relating to model cars such as diecast, r/c and model kits.  You just never know what may pop up there.  All of my reviews are my own as the products are purchased directly by me from a retail establishment either in-person or online thus I am not influenced to give a raving review.

1/64 Revoz Diecast 5 Pack Sport Modern Classic Review

While at my local dollar store Dollar General to be exact, I noticed a different 5 pack hanging where usually they have their Maisto Fresh Metal packs.  They looked fairly accurate yet had that odd look to a few of them.  I figured to pick one up to take a look at the cars closer.  It is always interesting to find that odd manufacturer doing diecast especially when they are licensed replicas and not generic cheap cars for the kids.  They usually offer Hot Wheels and Matchbox there but this was surely something different.  Let's take a look.

First thing you'll notice are the cars are slightly smaller than your average Hot Wheels or Matchbox so I'm going to say they're not actually true 1/64.  They fit in the realm of about 1/70th or so scale.  You'll notice at first when examining these cars that the bottom says Playmind LTD on most of the vehicles.  They also have named most of them on the bottom except for one out of each pack.  You'll find metal and plastic construction here.  They aren't as heavy as a 1/64 Hot Wheels or Matchbox but they still are fairly well detailed.  You'll find lights detailed from headlights to parking lights, logos albeit not that intricate along with racing stripes and other tidbits here and there.  There is at least one car from each pack that is cost-reduced and has that cheap feel to it.  Overall they make for something different for collecting.  I wouldn't really trust them for kids to be rough racing them around but they're still good to collect.


  • Unique Manufacturer
  • Licensed Replicas
  • Fair Price


  • Slightly Smaller Size
  • Odd Proportions On Certain Vehicles
  • Not As Tough For Kids To Handle


Thumbs up!  If you're looking for something different in the 1/64 diecast area but don't want to spend a lot of money, take a chance at a set of these.  You get some nicely done replicas as long as you can put up with some quirkiness and the slightly smaller scale.

Street Price:  $5.00  Not For Ages Under 3

Each pack contains one cost-reduced car as there are no tampos printed on them and the base is different compared to the ones.  The first one is the red convertible with a hardtop that looks like a BMW Z8, the middle pack shown has a custom yellow Mazda RX-7 style tuner and the last one has a car similar to a Dodge Magnum wagon.  These all have different bases with indentations compared to the others that have Playmind LTD and the car make / model on most of them such as the Porsches, Fords, Shelby Cobra 427SC  Roadster, Nissan 370Z, GT-R, etc.  The only one to disappoint is the 1965-ish Mustang Convertible which falls short.  There are some good diecast cars in this bunch while a few of the others throw you off a bit.  The price is about the same as other diecast 5 packs but you get some nice unique representations here.  I've not sure if these are sold loosely or separately outside of the US.

cheaper trip of diecast cars

The Trio of Cheaper Cars - One from Each Pack

Update:  These are now called Licensed Diecast featuring slightly different paint schemes on some models but are basically the same vehicles as reviewed here.  Some of the color and paint schemes have changed and now the packaging identifies specific cars unless it is a generic model.

I hope you enjoyed my review and look forward to cover more  in the future.  You can email me your comments on this review.

Each 5 pack is No. 15111 on the front but found these three different assortments by them.

Toyota 86 and Scion FR-S Diecasts

Revoz Playmind LTD Toyota 86 and a Hot Wheels Scion FR-S Drift Car

Bottom of Playmind LTD vs Cheaper Car

The bottom of a Revoz 2005 Ford GT vs. the cheaper BMW-style car.

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