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This is my initial diecast car review for the website relating to scale automobile collectibles.  Here I'll be taking a quick look at an 1/24 Nissan Skyline Type R Real Wheels Wing Door Model R34 Diecast Car.  This is pretty unique in that it was made by Global Products and I don't recall seeing this around in my area.  I bought this as new old stock since it has scissor doors (Lamborghini) and is different.  Remember to visit the main reviews section for more reviews relating to model cars such as diecast, r/c and model kits..

1/24 Nissan Skyline Type R Real Wheelz Wing Door Diecast Review

Diecast and model car reviews come in many shapes and sizes.  For me, I'll try to be a little bit different in my reviews.  This will be my first here doing one on a 1/24 diecast car.  I'm going to try to be objective yet play devil's advocate as I examine this Nissan Skyline Tuner automobile.  I found this online on the secondary market and thought it would be something different from such an obscure company.  Once I open the box, I'll see if anything looks familiar as some diecasts are repackaged subjects from other companies which is fine in my book as long as they look good.

Distributed by Global Products this Real Wheelz Diecast Nissan Skyline Type R in 1/24 scale is licensed and authorized by Nissan so it is not a copy of a copy.  You have an actual tuner car here with authentic logos.  The car features a body kit thus making it look wider and sleeker.  I've never seen these around in the stores so it might have been made for a certain store chain or area.  Taking this out of the package for the first time felt like opening a Fast and Furious time capsule.  Some of us remember and wished for the Skyline to come to the US way before the tuner faze started I remember the AFX Nissan Skyline R32 slot cars which educated me on the car and various automobile magazines but I digress.

They really did a nice job securing this car as I took it out of the package.  It was easy to remove but the tape and plastic door guards for the lambo-wing doors are a classy touch.  They also have the opening hood taped down and with reminders on the stickers to "Tear It Off Before Playing" which I have never read before on a diecast sticker.  The car technically could be for kids but I would say ages 8 and up as it is not built to be played with.  The detail is there as a collectible.  I'm surprised by not the custom work to it but the whole car except for the front and rear bumpers is diecast metal and not a hybrid of plastic and metal pieces so you don't have tacked on custom body parts but integrated.

The Chrome and Red Chrome Wheels set the thing off along with the silver and maroon paint separated by a yellow stripe all around the car.  The wing is huge on it and you have the other custom pieces such as the big sound system in the rear package shelf.  The trunk doesn't open so you just get the opening doors and hood.  We'll go underneath once I take some more photos so you can see what all I am talking about.

I am sorry to have to cut the tape securing the trading card underneath in the plastic base, something that you don't normally see nowadays but the late 1990s to early 2000s diecast boom saw key chains and all kind of bling included with diecast.  Removing the trading card pack from the bottom of the car reveals a surprise to me.  I had a hunch because while looking at the bottom of the car before attempting to remove the base, I see two clear blue plastic light bars which look like they are for underglow lighting.

The trading card package includes a trading card for the car a 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 for Team Tjin Edition with the builder stated as Neil Tjin.  The back of the card gives more details and specifications such as mods.  You also get a sealed Real Wheelz Alpha Series Retail Pack of 7 Cards.  I have not decided yet if I wish to open the pack.  I might do it in a future installment.  There is also a white paper with fine print in many languages telling about the correct placement and usage of batteries.

The suspense is killing you by now if you're unfamiliar with these cars as I am.  The base has a diagram that shows correct placement of the batteries (two AAs) in the car underneath and removal instructions to take the car off the bottom.  This Skyline comes with working blue tinted headlights, a light up rear package shelf sound system and underglow lights.  A push of the yellow button up front does all the magic.  I'm amazed that the 2AA batteries included in the car still has juice in them.  Now I understand where all the heft is in this diecast.  Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of metal here but the batteries make up part of it.

A brief run-down of the engine compartment shows lots of detail including a chrome crossbrace, the aftermarket K&N style aircleaner and various other speed goodies.  I'm not too familiar with Nissan's straight six motors so I won't comment on how accurate the engine is to the actual car or a Skyline R34 in general.  Everything looks fine.  Underneath you get a plain black chassis with provisions for the underglow lights, the button that turns on the show and a big chrome tailpipe.  The interior is well detailed with nicely operating scissor-style opening doors along with a well done interior.  A+ in this department.  The gauges are done well including the aftermarket ones.  The rear seat is removed and you get two Nitro chrome bottles with a speakers and light-up amp on the rear shelf.  The doors are best left either open for display or closed as they are not the easiest to open and close.  I would leave them one way or another as to not damage them.  Really love the working blue-tinted headlights.  The underglow units show more white than blue but that could be a factory fluke.  They still look nice and show up well.  Too bad this thing isn't remote controlled as well.

Street Price:  Estimated $20.00 Originally


Packaged Securely
Collectible Trading Card
Bonus Sealed Trading Card Pack
Headlights, Underglow and Package Shelf Lights Up
Batteries Included


Unknown Availability
Unknown Market Prices
Unknown Line of Cars
Batteries Included


For a topic that has been covered by Jada Toys and many other diecast companies, this Nissan Skyline R34 really stands out.  You get a bonus trading card, extras such as the sealed pack of cards plus the added feature of working headlights, underglow and light up sound system.  The car is well detailed inside and out with a nicely done paint job and details.  A great investment.  The only unknown is what value this line of diecast will hold in the future and currently.  I doubt they are rare but not as commonly seen.  If you have the chance to buy on at a reasonable price such as around $25.00 new in the pack, go for it!

I hate the idea of included batteries already installed since you could get some that leak over time.  So remember you are buying the car and not the light-up features.  This is for your unique addition to your collection compared to the more common tuner and drift cars out there down by the mainstream diecast makers.  The other one that I am pretty sure was done by them was a 2000-ish Toyota Celica.

Overall a nice surprise for anyone's diecast collection.  Remember not to overpay.


So finally I get around to finishing up the review which took a lot of patience from my visitors and turned up a surprise of my own.  I thought the cut-out circle on the bottom was to showcase the extra trading card.  This was actually way to activate the lights if you knew about the feature.  I'm am shocked they didn't promote this on the box.  All in all I'm very happy with this car and the review.  I plan to do more like this in the future.  You people that do visit have to be patient for me to get them done though.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, suggestions, etc.  Thanks!

Photo of Skyline in Window Box

Close-Up of Hood "Tear It Off Before Playing" Sticker

Close-Up of The Skyline's Engine Bay

Bottom View of Chassis

Rear Package Shelf Detail

Bonus Items and the Magic Button

Removal Guide for Car and Battery Cover.  This is what clued me in!

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