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Here I'll be taking a look at new for me Norscot diecast 1/24 scale 2015 Chevrorolet Tahoe SUV Promotional Police Vehicle replica in diecast metal.  As before don't forget to visit the main reviews section for more relating to model cars such as diecast, r/c and model kits.  You just never know what may pop up there.  All of my reviews are my own as the products are purchased directly by me from a retail establishment either in-person or online thus I am not influenced to give a raving review.

1/24 2015 Chevy Tahoe Police SUV by Norscot Diecast Review

I'm more familiar with other diecast companies such as Maisto, Jada and MotorMax so when Norscot popped up when I was searching if there was any diecasts available in 1/24 of the 2015 Mustang I was in for a surprise.  I couldn't resist the temptation even though the price tag is a higher than average for a 1/24 diecast compared to what I'm used to paying.  The photos online looked promising so I decided to take a chance on it.  The following is my unbiased opinion.

The first thing that you'll notice when comparing the replica to the actual real thing is that it is missing the spotlights on the windshield pillars (a-pillars) but they can be forgiven.  Since they released this also as a standard civilian Tahoe SUV they would have had to work out how to include them on the Police version without making holes in the diecast tooling.  In my opinion this doesn't distract anything but we have to examine the rest of it to see if it justifies the higher price.


  • Realistic Door Hinges
  • Excellent Exterior Metallic Paint
  • Clearly Printed Markings and Detailing
  • Poseable Front Wheels
  • Detailed Police Interior
  • Rear Opening Hatch


  • Plain Engine Bay
  • Interior Lacking Detail Painting
  • No Instrument Decal
  • Not Serial Numbered


Thumbs up!  A good solid true 1/24 scale replica which would be better suited to the $25 price range.  This one barely escapes with the $35 price tag.

Street Price:  $35.00  Adult Collectible - Not For Anyone Under 14

The diecast seems pretty hefty which is expected due to being a replica of a full-size SUV.  They have both sides of it held in with plastic inserts front and rear.  I really like this arrangement as it keeps the diecast model from moving around during transport.    The plastic extends across the bottom with no noticeable plastic base.  The end feature a window opening showing a city landscape which extends across the box onto the other side.  The box artwork is well done and there are 1:24 markings so we're to assume this is true 1/24 scale.

Opening the box just requires a cut of the tape near the back.  Pulling it out reveals that they have the sides taped securely to the bottom which bring the entire unit plastic support and all out with it.  A very good arrangement.  Now just a cut of the tape front and rear will remove the SUV from its protective environment.  Easy as pie which allows you to put the SUV back in after showing it off.

Now we'll see what separates this $35 replica from the $15 ones.  Firstly, the front wheels are poseble and while not operating with the steering wheel is still a nice touch.  The entire bottom chassis is detailed which looks to be only one piece but the engraving is top-notch.  The spare tire is there but engraved in with the exhaust detail and such.  There is no separate drive-shaft to make it into the $50 and up range but the wheels are mounted solid and true with good detail on the tire tread and police style wheels for this model.  There are no tire markings on the sidewalls but licensing gets expensive these days even from the tire companies.  They are hard to see on the actual vehicle so we can let this slide a bit.  The tires are well done otherwise which is a plus.

Next comes opening up the hood.  The sole engine is a 5.3L V8 powerplant in these SUVs.  Tolerances are tight on this replica so it takes a little care to get the hood opened.  The hood closes and opens smoothly and solidly without the quirkiness of a cheaper replica.  The engine and under hood accessories are replicated here in one piece but compared to photos online, it looks like everything has been covered including down to the raised Chevrolet working on the top radiator support covering.  A little paint detailing would have been nice here especially with the higher price tag.  I've seen worse in the lower price range and most engine bays these days do not have much to be shown anyway with plastic engine covers hiding most.

There are the obvious diecast hinges but they are done tastefully and doesn't distract that much from the engine compartment.  I close the hood and look at the front showing the detailed push bar which is close to the actual vehicle.  The grille and headlights are well down with the well-known Chevrolet bowtie in gold on the grille.  Detail and paint here is top-notch reflecting the price tag.  I should notice that the metallic silver paint job on this stands out perfectly.  The unit features well done markings and detailing all-around.  The logos are well done and can be read with ease on the doors.  The running boards along the sides are grooved and not just smooth pieces.

Moving onto the doors and interior.  Here is where this replica shines and the $35 price tag is worth it especially when you see how flawlessly the paint job was done on it.  Opening up the driver's side door reveals high-end door hinges.  This is not your $15 replica.  They have actually high-end hidden hinges on this thing similar to $100 pieces.  The entire door opens easily but closes tightly with a solid snap.  One part of where the 14+ age bracket comes into play as this wasn't designed to be abused by a child.  This system will hold up to the curious owner and others who wish to take a peek inside and will be amazed by the realistic way the hinges were done.  Nothing ungodly and sticking out.  I love the way they did these hinges on the doors.  I should note that only the front driver and passenger doors open.

Next, I'll take a look at the interior.  The dash is well detailed but would look better if they had used a decal or sticker for the gauges.  While they did skip this part, they did mold the instrument cluster and center stack with detailing so it isn't bare plastic but something that resembles the actual piece.  The gas and brake pedals are there but no emergency parking brake.  From looking at photos online, the pedals should be slightly larger and mounted a bit higher.  You'll find a police-style laptop computer in there with crisp detailing such as the keyboard and center console unit.  There is also a standard issue cage separating the front drive and passenger from the rear.  All of these items look well done with no signs of molding flash or unpainted surfaces such as inside of the doors.  The only thing missing would be a decal for the computer screen or some detail painting here and there.  Overall not bad but not up to the price tag.  They molded most of these pieces in what looks like a similar color to the rest of the plastic such as under the hood and chassis pan.  A nice touch would have been to use a different texture plastic for the interior dash panels and such but overall not bad though.

Moving onto the rest of the vehicle and the rest you'll find dark tinted windows all around and an rear airfoil spoiler with a painted center high mounted rear brake light.  The rear hatch does not open.  I was curious if they had any detail inside so I shined a flashlight in there to see if I could look through the tinted dark windows.  At first I had no luck looking in but then shined it from the opposite side showing me that is very dark tinted plastic of high quality which is a plus towards the price tag.  There is a seat behind the cage and behind that seat is a huge storage chest which I assume for police gear.  I do not have the civilian version in my hands but I assume that interior has a slightly different interior set-up and molding.  I give them credit here as with the very dark windows, one can't normally see in there to spot the changes but they did so anyway to replica the vehicle.

Bringing up the rear, some of you may note that I missed covering some items such as the light bar but that looks good to my eye and is well done with blue and red colored pieces.  The body is solid and well done again with no noticeable flaws or excessive moldings.  Everything is neat and trim.  A big surprise to me being how closely the tolerances are is that the rear hatch does open.  Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus!  You can open the rear hatch to see inside with detailing on the storage chest and the rear seat backs for the passengers behind the cage.  The rear passenger doors do not open though.  The rear lights are clear red plastic pieces with good reflectors.  Well done!  The rear hatch does have thicker diecast hinges but this is unavoidable at this price point plus you want something sturdy.  I would complain if it was a $50 item under review.

Now comes the big decision.  Is the higher price tag justified? For me in reality I see this as an upper end diecast alongside 1/24 scale offerings from M2 Machines, Greenlight, etc.  I'd put it in a $25 bracket but being a niche subject and not many interested in SUV replicas then the $35 is understandable.  The nice touches such as the perfect paint job, the detailing such as the decals and markings and the realistic door hinges, including the rear opening hatch along with the general heft of the piece make up for the other downfalls.  The replica is close to actual 1/24 scale and not a downsized piece in 1/27 scale.  It took a lot of consideration but I give it a thumbs up!

I hope you enjoyed my review and look forward to be covering more diecast in the future from my perspective.  You can email me your comments on this review.  Don't forget that you can also get this in standard civilian form in either black, red or silver done in official GM paint colors.

From NORSCOT promotional sales literature courtesy of Maulsworld:

Police specific decoration includes light bar, grill, push bumper, interior, wheels and tires along with protective interior cage, laptop computer and weapons storage

Features Include:
Highly detailed body
Opening hood and doors
Authentic detailed interior
Engine and undercarriage details
Authentic tire details
Official GM exterior paint colors
Official Chevrolet graphics

*Note: The model's "Police" deco is an authentic Chevrolet designed treatment which is consistent with the real vehicle Chevrolet uses to promote sales.

Photo of 2015 Tahoe Police SUV in Window Display Box

Rear of box showing the actual Tahoe Police Vehicle

Front View - Engine Bay and Push Bar

Interior - Driver's Side

Interior - Passenger Side

Rear View with Hatch Open





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