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Spotted this in one of those online and mail-order general catalogs that was different than your average Maisto or Jada 1/24-type radio control car decided to go with this 2010-era Dodge Challenger to try it out.  This came in a plain white box so there's no name brand to what company released it but probably through the normal channels.  I'll take you through a minor test drive indoors which this car is really made for and see how well it performs for the price.  Remember to visit the main reviews section for more.  All of my reviews unless otherwise stated are products that are purchased directly by me from a retail establishment either in-person or online thus they are unbiased for the most part.

Off-Brand 1/24 2010 Dodge Challenger Light Riders Radio Control Review

This is one of those vehicles that makes you curious and have you wondering if it is something worth buying or not especially if you are looking to add to your collection.

This Light Riders Radio Control 1/24 2010 Dodge Challenger comes on 27mhz.  The place where I purchased it from online offered also a late model custom Chevy Corvette similar to a 2014 Stingray and a Custom 2005 Ford Mustang with Hood Scoop.  As mentioned, being a no-name brand you never know what you're getting but liking late model Challengers I decided to take a chance on this one.  The catalog photos show these to have external antennas but they are actually internal or at least it is on the Challenger.  As with most radio control 1/24 cars, they are made to run indoors in a living room on low-cut or smooth floors.

The car has full function control with forward, reverse and steering plus an extra button to turn on or off the LED wheel lights (blue) along with headlights that go on when going forward.  You can run with lights on which will turn on the headlights only in forward.  There are no reverse lights even though the rear is clear and not colored red.  The blue LED lights near the wheels stay on all the time until you use the controller button to turn it off.  As mine came in a plain white box, the Try Me button wasn't functional but assume a retail window box lights up the blue LED wheels for you.

Now comes the frustrating parts.  First, most battery compartments have screws to hold them in so that's expected.  Secondly, I didn't expect to have trouble taking out the screws to put in the batteries.  They regular a Philips-head screwdriver but I grabbed a smaller flat-head to get a better hold as the screws were in there tight and were longer than should be.  I wouldn't want to be swapping batteries in the car and controller that often.  Another drawback in that some offer a tab to keep the battery compartment closed but these do not.  The car did have decent power but overall the flaw with the steering taking away forward momentum and power ruins any fun factor.

A neat feature is the opening hood but it needs to be held open to view the simulated Hemi V8 on this custom two-tone 2010 Challenger.  The fit and finish isn't the best on here as the front bumper has some paint wear already off the front (it came this way from the factory) as you can notice in the photo of the engine bay.  The hood fit is acceptable but is best set in place by an adult or older child.  The hood is held on pretty well so I doubt it will come off during normal driving / racing.

Street Price:  $12.98 plus shipping costs

Requirements:  6AA Batteries - 4 for car, 2 for controller

Opening Hood with painted replica modern V8 in basic black and silver
Working Headlights When Going Forward along with Blue LED Lights Near Each Wheel
Controller Features Button to Turn Off / On Lights

Noticeable Loss of Power when Steering and Going Forward
Batteries Not Included
Screws Are Difficult to Remove for Each Battery Compartment (Careful not to strip them!)


Overall I can't recommend this unless you want a display piece or can cope with the issues even though they did a nice job trying to separate it from other 1/24 toy grade rc cars out there.  The car is responsive but the quality is not there compared to examples from Maisto, Jada and New Bright in the same price range.  You can spot a loss of power when moving and steering which none of the others exhibit as much as this one.  It is neat to see the lighted wheels from the blue LED lights on the chassis and the working headlights.  I can't recommend this for driving around.  Acceptable as a display piece or if you must have all the late model Challengers out there in 1/24 scale then go for it but don't expect a good all-around racer for the living room or house.  Fit and finish is barely acceptable with some paint wear from the factory already showing.  None of the others are speed demons but I had much better experiences with the other companies.  New Bright still has an exposed antenna but Maisto / Jada have hidden ones inside the car.  Maisto had offend a lighted Challenger through places such as Wal-Mart but no light-up wheels.  Battery installation and removal is one of the worst I had to deal with concerning screws.  If I was to use this car often, I'd try to use shorter screws.

Update:  While they were still available at a clearance price, I purchased the 2005-style Mustang.  The car was similar in design and function but had a one piece body without an opening hood. The car did drive much better than the Challenger.  I didn't purchase the Corvette but the Challenger seemed to be a slightly different execution compared to the Mustang even though they used the same controller and LED lights set-up.  The Mustang was also on 27mhz so I presumed they would have interfered with each other.  Possibly the Corvette came on 49mhz but that's speculation on my part.

I hope you enjoyed my review on this Light Riders 1/24 Dodge Challenger Radio Control car.  Look for more in the future as I put my own spin on these reviews and give you my own two cents regarding the fun factor and more.  Feel free to email me your comments / questions regarding this review.

Photos Of 1/24 Challenger RC Car

Twin Stick Controller with Extra Button for Lights - Operates on 27mhz

Bottom View of Car


With Blue LED Lights Switched On

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